The Ruse

Characters: Alex, Angela, Bjorn, Dagmar, Dagny, Dudek, Elynnia, Fjola, Jarvan, Olaf


Yesterday the party finished all of the preparations for a fake shipment so they might be able to determine the source of the leak. The party then leaves Dwarftown on their fake delivery mission leaving Kethryn and Ragnar behind to guard Jonas and to gather in additional intelligence on the mob activity.


Midway through first watch on the third day out while Dudek and Bjorn are on watch, the camp is attacked by goblins. In the heat of the moment, both Dudek and Bjorn forget to wake the rest of the party but instead rush into battle with the incoming orcs. The camp is completely surrounded and several of the sleeping party members are attacked before the alarm is raised.

With this delay in defense, several party members are gravely wounded and at times the attacking force seems to be overwhelming. Slowly the party gets better organized and the balance shifts toward the party. Soon, orc are falling right and left and the party prevails. Licking their wounds and kicking themselves for their poor showing, they party searches the body of the orc leader and finds a note.


Next caravan reach yew tree by last
moon. Nice jewelry in wineskin in
mead cask and gems hidden in long
crate of pewter goblets. Watch for
female human fighters.

Met with Galwin and plans are
on schedule. Expect first shipment
by new moon.

- Brognar

They also find 1500GP of coins and gems on the attackers. After moving the bodies, the party returns to sleep to recover from the battle.


The next day goes without incident as the party heads back toward Dwarftown having determined that the transport guild is to blame for the information in the notes.


In the afternoon, the lead party members hear the sounds of marching coming from over a small hill ahead. Elynnia sneaks up and sees a double column of hobgoblins marching along the road with a horse and cart behind them.

After a quick planning discussion, the party positions themselves just behind the crest of the hill so that they will surprise the hobgoblins as they march up the hill. Gaining surprise and using better battle tactics, the party is more than a match for the hobgoblins. Bjorn's area spells softened up the enemy, the melee specialist engaging the enemy front line, the strikers taking out choice targets, and the clerics healing the wounded, the party makes quick work of the well trained hobgoblin squad.

In the cart, they discover a number of crates containing a magic short sword +1, a battle axe +1, one set of leather armor +1, one set of chainmail +1, a javelin +1, a spear +1, and a hand crossbow +1. In the shipment is note.

After a long and bloody battle ending with one of the goblins failed attempt to escape, the party search the bodies of the fallen enemies and discover 1800 GP and one very nice short sword. They also discover a note:

To Groknor the Great,

Please find enclosed one sample of each
of the items we discussed. As you can see,
the workmanship is of the highest level
and each item matches the specifications
we agreed on. Once you inspect the items
and send the required deposit, we will
begin work on your full order. We have
the capacity to produce and ship your full
order in five monthly shipments. This
schedule should allow you sufficient
training time before your deadline.

- Galwin

After much discussion, the party decides that their mission has gotten much more complicated. They started out to keep the road clear. Then they discovered details of a criminal extortion plot. Now it looks like a war is brewing. And all of these seem connected to Groknor. Not knowing where he is or how to get to him directly, they decide that the best course of action is to return to Dwarftown and investigate this insurance racket and see where that leads.


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