Winter in The Wastes

Characters: Alex, Angela, Bjorn, Dagmar, Dudek, Elynnia, Freya, Jarvan, Kethryn, Olaf, Ragnar


It is never a fun time to be camping on The Wastes in winter but welcoming in New Years with a blizzard makes it truly challenging. The wind is whipping the tents mercilessly and the blowing snow dusts the inside of the tent each time the entrance is opened for a guard shift change. In this kind of weather, guard duty shifts are only an hour out in the snow and then back in to warm up before venturing out again an hour later.

There has been no sign of the goblins since those broken weapons that the party came across yesterday at the scene of the ambush. But the party knows that the goblins are nearby and likely waiting for the most inopportune time to attack. The party members are well trained in their professions and have fought many simulated battles but have yet to engage a real enemy - one who wants to kill and not just a fellow student or instructor.

The town of Jutland sent the party members south to the best training academy in Lynd where they became accustomed to the pleasant weather of the south. The party had only been back north a few weeks when news of the first ambush came in. Merchants from the Dwarf mines in the north had been attacked and several members of the caravan had been killed. It had been goblins, of course -- it was always goblins.

It is now time for the party members to pay back to the town for that good education. One year of service to the town in payment for the one year of training. It seemed like a good deal at the time but icy toes and frozen eyelashes make several of the party think twice about that bargain.

The job is to guard the valuable monthly cargo shipments and to defend the town in case of war. In between shipments, they are to keep the key trade routes open by finding any goblin strongholds and eliminate them, fight any goblins encountered in the wild, and investigate any goblin attacks. The party was equipped by the town with all the normal gear they will need, They also get to keep any spoils of battle along the way and are given more-or-less free rein to do their job of clearing the roads.

The party consists of a diverse squad of adventurers: humans, dwarves, elves and half-elves. They are trained in arcane, divine, and martial skills. They are also young and eager to prove themselves.

In the early morning hours, the camp is attacked by 15 goblins. After a quick and furious battle, the goblins are killed

Searching the bodies, they find a very nice dagger, a few hundred gold pieces, and a note:


Next caravan reach twin rocks by late-moon.
Not well armed. Take old chest with copper
bindings full of coppers. Has false bottom
with gems inside. Nice dagger in nail keg.
Good axe head with pots and pans. Watch
out for girl fighter with red sash. She only
good fighter. Tall one all show - bad eyes.

- Brognar

Travling back to the site of the ambush, they discover evidence that the note referrs to this party including a chest with copper bindings and a dead body with a red sash.

The party camps for the night.

Characters: Alex, Angela, Bjorn, Dudek, Elynnia, Jarvan, Olaf, Ragnar


After a long discussion, the party splits with one group following the trail of the goblins hopefully back to their lair and the other group to backtrack the caravan and investigate the spy in Dwarftown.

The party heading north follows the road until evening where they set up their tents.


In the middle of 4th watch, the party is attacked by bugbears. The bugbears sneak in and attack the party before they can react. The battle rages for a while with the party gaining the upper hand. After a few minutes, Elynnia deals the killing blow on one of the bugbears and the other bugbear decides to flee now that it was obvious that the party will prevail. Despite their best efforts, the last bugbear manages to escape.

After the battle, the party searches the bodies of the slain. Angela finds a note on body of the dead bugbear written in a crude handwriting:


Next caravan reach twin rocks by full-moon.
Well armed. Watch for bald human.
Much gold and gems. May luck be with

News of new guards. Be on lookout!

- Brognar

They also find 200GP in coins and gems and a warhammer. After examining the tracks, they determine that bugbears trail came from the north.

Morning has the party heading north along the road again. They travel through the day. Late in the day, as the party is looking for a place to set up camp, they are attacked again by the same bugbear that escaped the prior battle and a group of Goblins.

Neither party is surprised so the two forces wade into melee. Dudek targets the bugbear as Olaf casts a Freezing Cloud area attack which kills two of the goblins and wounds several more. Seeing that Olaf casted a spell, two of the goblins gang up on Olaf and bloody him. Ragnar uses an Inspiring Word to heal Dudek as Jarvan casts Beacon of Hope to weaken several of the goblins. Alex slices through one of the goblins as Elynnia uses Twin Strike on her quarry and kills another.

All but one goblin are killed before the battle ends. They tie up the goblin and search the bodies finding 400GP and a purple orb. The party questions the goblin Gramlik who in broken common states that he was a soldier and was just doing his job (like the party is doing their job). He offers to take them to his base and answer any of their questions. The party decides that Gramlik would be more hassle then he would be aid so Ragnar executes him.

After the battle, the party moves on a bit and sets up camp for the evening. The night goes uneventfully.


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