Daleth Timeline

Date Dragon Jasper Oceania Wastes
Circa 1000   Great evil brings down star from the sky and creates the Great Desolation.   Many races from the south migrated to the Northern Territory from the fringes of the Great Desolation
Circa 1500 The dragon Lin-Quan is imprisoned on Anja island by Emperor Kelesh    
Circa 1700       Great Northern War ending with the Northern Territory becoming the Northern Wastes
09/15/1961   K'tala last journal entry.  
Circa 1965   K'tala begins rise to power within Caliban. One of his first actions is to have the ruins of an ancient castle in the mountains rebuilt.  
1975     Gota is founded by a small group of settlers fed up with the hustle and bustle of Lynd.
1979 Duke Koral assumes power of Azul after his father dies in unusual circumstances.    
1980     Nun is founded by a splinter group of settlers from Gota.
1984 Duke Rudrik assumes power of Alban after his father dies.    
Date Dragon Jasper Oceania Wastes
03/13 A group of soldiers is sent to deliver a note from Duke Koral to Duke Rudrik which starts the Alban / Azul war.    
03/14 Morning after run - begin trip home.    
03/15 Full Moon - pass farmhouse - travel at night - sleep day.    
03/16 Pass town, cross 2 roads, camp near next town - sleep day
Late in day, they bluff their way across the bridge.
03/17 Shortly after sunup, they cross boarder into Azul and are captured by their own troops.    
03/21 New mission to destroy bridge in Alban
Cross border into Azul
03/22 Come upon Azul soldiers looting and pillaging a farm
Rescue Flanna
Discover that scroll is a trap
Spend night at near Flanna's burnt farmhouse till he is well enough to travel.
03/23 Take Flanna to daughter's home in Eron
Spend night in Eron
03/24 Travel
Camp near swamp
03/25 Middle of night, they are attacked by shambling mounds
Klem leaves Metheri's lantern behind
Arrive in Copan
Stay at inn named Ed's.
03/26 Leave Copan for Uxmal    
03/27 Travel Day    
03/28 Arrive in Uxmal late in day    
04/01 Maid make contact with party showing double-diamond sign. Tells them to come to a warehouse after dark.
Party is arrested
04/02 Party is questioned by Belissa Aker.    
04/06 Testomony from Flanna arrives.
Belissa convinces military Judge that party's story is the truth.
Judge conscripts party into military and assigns them to Belissa
04/07 Party assigned bunks inside military compound. No leave privileges. No access to weapons till probationary period is over.    
04/09 Belissa briefs party of mission to Beryl
Party equip themselves with travel gear for journey
04/10 Party sets off for Beryl in afternoon with Belissa, Ryan, and a few other men to escort the party    
04/11 Attacked by ogres. Battle is going poorly till Belissa dumps out party's weapons so they can help. They take control and finish off ogres. Party is now trusted and allowed to carry weapons.    
04/13 Party is attacked by ghouls. Remo turns ghouls.    
04/14 Arrive in Beryl around noon.
Spend time looking around Beryl
Begin guard duty that night.
04/15 Middle of night, attacked by ogres.
After battle, they find a leather map to Beryl and description of Remo. Somebody is after them.
After light, they follow the ogre tracks back toward the Azul border.
Belissa realizes that each side thinks the other side started the war.
04/16 Massive battle front reaches Beryl in early morning house.
Alban forces hold Beryl and begin to push back the front.
In battle, the party's old supervisor, Millard, is captured.
Party discovers poison on his person and remove it.
Morning brings some calm as reinforcements arrive to set up new front
Party goes to question Millard only to discover that he is dead and Jurdan is missing.
Belissa and party head south to get word to the Duke.
04/17 Atacked by 10 ogres.
Stay in inn due to injuries
04/18 Discover they are being followed.
Stay in another inn
04/19 Confront followers - kill all but 3
Belissa heads for safe-house.
04/20 Arrive at safe house
Spend night
04/21 Rest at safe house    
04/22 Escape down river when safe house is attacked.    
04/25 Arrive in Suskin
Captured by Randolph
04/26 Questioned by Randolph    
04/27 Other guards arrive to take party but without proper orders.
Randolph refuses - battle starts
Party assists and heals Randolph.
Party goes with Randolph to another facility where they discuss.
Spend night
04/28 Party goes to Kent to check out Thaddeus's office
Find room and check in.
05/01 About midnight, they sneak into Tahddeus's office.
Find evidence but Alanna is poisoned and must be healed.
05/02 Hire a boat and leave to find Randolph.
With Randolph, they head back to Kent and gain an audience with Duke.
05/03 Thaddeus is arrested.    
11/01       Characters start training in Lynd
11/06 Party reports to Expeditionary Brigade for mapping mission of a new island.    
11/09 Silverwind leaves Kent    
11/13 Attacked by giant sea snakes    
11/16 Ship wrecks in a storm    
11/17 Set up camp and inventory equipment and men salvaged from ship.
Fight 3 rhinoceros beetles
11/18 Discover cave
Fight spiders
Find sword, scroll, and hammer
11/19 Travel to plateau between two mountains for better view of island.
Evening see native tribe carrying one of the survivors toward the volcano
Party rushes to rescue
Find cave
Fight natives
Release Dragon
Wake to see dragon gone and "We're even" scratched in the floor.
Spend night in cave overhang
11/20 See Caliban sailors arrive at island
Try to check out native huts but are almost hit by blow darts.
Climb up mountains and see Caliban troops fight off natives and climb volcano
Leader with turban enters cave and comes out laughing
Caliban sailors leave
11/21 Fight beetles and scorpions.
Get back to camp
11/22 Begin building a twin hull sailing ship from two longboats with help of rescued sailor    
11/23 Finish ship
Set sail
12/03 Arrive in Kent
Kent has been destroyed by dragon
Report to Duke
12/05 Sages report on scroll    
12/06 Party heads out for Avon to look for anvil    
12/15 Arrive in Beryl where they purchase blacksmith supplies for their cover.
Cross border into Azul
12/16 Head from Avon    
12/22 Arrive in Avon late in the day.
Check into Inn where Meth lies about who she is.
Find Courtney and tell her of their plight.
Return to Inn
12/23 Middle of the night, party notices troops coming to the inn. Party escapes
Travels to Courtney's only to discover she has dealt with troops that came to arrest her.
Leave Avon
Arrive at Darmek's Castle
12/24 Party leaves for Cave of Shadows at the coast    
12/27 Party camps next to ocean    
12/28 Party enters cave but only obtains crate with animated skeleton in it    
Date Dragon Jasper Oceania Wastes
01/01 Party finds anvil
Heads back for Darmek's castle.
01/04 Arrive at Darmek's Castle    
01/05 Heads for Bryce to buy wagon
Buy wagon from Lars
Camp outside town to buy horse from Newton in the morning
Attacked by soldiers
01/06 Buy horses, get wagon, and return to Darmek's castle    
01/07 Leave Darmek's castle for Kent    
01/13 Cross border    
01/15   Simon goes AWOL and sneaks over border into Jasper  
01/22 Arrive in Kent    
01/23 Ready ship for journey to fire dog island    
01/24 Leave Kent    
02/01 Caliban invades Alban and Azul at midnight under new moon.    
02/05 Arrive at Bug Island    
02/07 Leave for Anja    
03/01 Arrive at Anja
Discover most hell hounds are gone
03/02 Discover pup    
03/06 Begin making Dragon sword    
03/08 Dragon arrive and Meth kills dragon
Head from Kent
03/12 Near coast and discover many Caliban ships
Head north toward pirate islands
03/13 Encounter Caliban warship but deal with it using hammer and anvil    
03/26 Arrive at Pirates Islands    
04/01 Head for Avon    
04/05 Part of the party arrives in Avon to start Dragon Slayer myth
Other party arrives at Bryce to buy a covered wagon from Lars
04/06 Dragon Slayer enters Avon and liberates it from the Caliban    
07/22 Party is at the outskirts of Uxmal    
07/23 Undercover, they make it to the bridge    
07/24 Teve travels back to the line to star them moving and then returns    
07/25 Dragon Slayer takes the bridge in early evening.    
07/27 Anvil is stolen by K'tala to begin work on metal men.  
09/12 Luna has recovered from the anvil being taken
Delegation from Dukes request Dragon Slayer and her companions to attend a council meeting in Beryl
09/20 Council of Beryl    
09/21 Party heads for K'tala's castle    
10/05 Party crosses into Caliban    
10/08 Fire in wheat field    
10/10 Rainstorm / flood    
10/28       Characters graduate from training in Lynd
11/12 Encounter public uprising    
11/14 Heat wave beings    
11/16 Decide to hide out the day in a cave
Earthquake blocks the cave entrance
    Characters return home from training
11/20 They get out of the cave    
11/24 Buy some winter clothes to cross the mountains, the weather is much colder now.    
11/25 First snow fall    
11/26 Attacked by wolves early in the morning. Vincent, Meth, Ailon, and Luna have all been bitten by the wolves.    
11/27 Vincent has hypothermia on watch    
11/28 Weather is warmer    
12/01 K'tala's castle is in sight Teve scouts ahead     Characters enter guard service
12/02 On his watch, Vincent realizes that he is ill -- has the Plague!
Meth cures him but is ill herself
Party invades the castle and gets anvil back
Party heads for B'jan's house to cure Meth
12/04 Late in the day they reach B'jan's house -- Meth appears dead    
12/05 Meth is brought back    
12/12 Note from Darmek arrives.    
12/15       Characters leave town on first mission
12/28 Party arrives in Jasper.    
Date Dragon Jasper Oceania Wastes
01/01       Northern Wastes campain begins
01/02 Party finds work in Jasper      
01/07 Darmek arrives in Jasper     Pass Gerda caravan which has no guards.
01/09 Party begins journey to rescue Fioria
Party is attacked by hill giants
01/10 Party bribe their way through the Caliban border      
01/13       Discover that Valdris is behind projection racket.
01/13       Party spreads false information about caravan to see where mole is.
01/22       Mock caravan is attacked by goblins. Mole is in transport guild.
01/24 Party arrives in Sorgen
They book passage with Capt. Wilrow.
  Wilrow in Sorgen Fight hobgoblins and discover magic armor shipment.
01/25 Party sails toward bug island   Modru sails to bug island  
01/28 Party arrives at bug island but see no signs of Fiora
They decide to head for fire dog island
  Modru leaves bug island for fire dog island Return to Dwarftown to discuss options with Jonas
02/01       Party attacked in bed by dwarf thugs
Party defeats goblin forces outside of Dwarftown and captures note transmission device
02/02       Party sends fake note to Groknor
02/03       Party reaches twin rock and waits for goblins
02/04   Jasper party leaves on Sultan's caravan    
02/05 Party arrives at fire dog island and see Geldall ships
They skirt the island and land on north side. Rescue Fiora and flee.
  Modru leaves fire dog island  
02/08 Party arrives in Kent.
With Dragon Slayer at her side, Fiora enters the city and begins to take back the kingdom.
  Modru arrives in Kent  
02/09       Party follows goblins to lair and defeats forces there
02/14     Modru sails for Sorgen.  
02/17     Modru arrives in Sorgen. Party sees goblin fortress
02/19     Modru sails for Kent.  
02/22     Modru arrives in Kent.  
02/24     Modru arrives in Kent.  
02/27     Modru sails for Sorgen.  
02/28 Geldall is fully under Fiora's control so party members go their own way:
- Remo heads to Jasper to start new life
- Meth heads Queen's Defense Guard.
- Bram waits in Kent for Mordu's return.
- Ailon returns to Jasper to continue new work.
- Luna is asked to say in Kent due to power of hammer and anvil
- Vincent ???
- Alanna ???
- Teve heads State Security.
- Na'tan ???
End of Dragon Slayer
03/01     Modru arrives in Sorgen. After helping athorities deal with Valdris and the Dwarf protection racket, the party heads for Jutland leaving Fjola and Dagny in Dwarftown
03/02     Modru sails for Kent.  
03/05     Modru arrives in Kent.  
03/06     Bram joins Wilrow's crew as working passage.
Modru sails for Sorgen
03/07     Modru attaced by raiders, Bram's magic aids fight.  
03/09     Modru arrives in Sorgen.
Bram hires on as Ship's Wizard
03/11     Modru sails for Kent.  
03/14     Modru arrives in Kent.  
03/15   Remo and Ailon arrive in Jasper Modru sails for Kundan.  
03/18     Modru arrives in Kundan.  
03/19     Modru sails for Mara.  
03/23     Modru arrives in Mara.  
03/25     Modru sails for Kundan.  
04/01   Attacked by thieves
Party tracks thieves
Camps for night and sees light of their campfire
  Party reports to their commander and receive bonus and leave
04/02   Attack just before sunup
Question thieves
Get to hideout
04/03   Head out for City of Gold
Camp outside oasis
04/04   Reach butte
Discover secret of City of Gold
04/05   Head back toward Jasper
Reach Hideout
Modru arrives in Kent  
04/06   Stay in Hideout during sandstorm Quentin joins Modru voyage crew
Modru sails for Sorgen
04/07   Leave for Jasper    
04/08   Near Jasper, they are attacked
Chase bandits
Enter Jasper
04/09   Sultan's relative visit
Milo and Maleka visit
Modru arrives in Sorgen  
04/10   Parties rooms are raided
Thorin is murdered
Take tool to general store
Visit Toncalo but find him dead
04/11   Party tracks down and questions one of the thugs that was following them
Visit Hideout and attack "bandits" that turn out to be Caliban soldiers
Modru sails for Angor  
04/13   Pablo visits and suggests that the party can help
Suggest raid on Speloben house
04/14   About 4am, party raids Speloben house and kills all there
Leaves rival gang symbols
Gang war starts
04/15     Modru arrives in Angor.  
04/16     Modru sails for Hanareso.  
04/18     The Dolphin runs aground and the Oceania characters are shipwrecked.  
04/20     Modru arrives in Hanareso  
04/21   Pablo is now Captain of Guard Modru sails for Banereso  
04/22     Party fights with the Mudibo tribe.
Modru arrives in Banereso
Waits out storm.
04/23     Modru sails for Nun  
04/28     Modru sights brunt wreckage floating in ocean  
04/28   Casino shuts down due to gang warfare    
05/01   Party is attacked in inn after lunch    
05/02     Party arrive in Nun.  
05/05     Modru arrives in Nun  
05/06     Party hire on as working passage
Modru departs for Gota
05/07   Milo hears that about meeting
"scribe" checks into inn
Meeting is blown-up by hooded figure
Modru attacked by sea devils  
05/08   City is in shock.    
05/10     Modru arrives in Gota  
05/11     Modru sails for Lynd  
05/15   One week of quite, business is starting back up Modru arrives in Lynd  
05/16   Pablo tells party they should be save
He is hiring new city guards if they are interested.
Milo and Maleka go home
05/18     Modru sails for Gota
Modru attacked by 2 large sea monsters
05/21   Pierre starts work in a new deep mine
Ginger is asked to take a package
Bayleen beings work at the Casino
Simon works for Pablo -- Sends him on a mission to check out a possible gang hideout in the desert.
05/22   Simon's party heads out
Luna write last entry in her journal
Modru arrives in Gota.
Party meets George Moon and learn of sea devil city.
05/23 Luna leaves Kent Simon's party searches hideout -- it is deserted
Attacked by mountain lines
Falling stars almost hit them
Modru finds sea devil city and discover barrels of Greek fire.  
05/24   Simon reaches Jasper
Pierre suggests they examine the impact sites
Party attacked by sea devils who use Darkness stones.
Questioned sea devils to learn druid is providing magic.
Return to Nun looking for Trade Wind
05/25   Party heads out to install device to notice if bandits come back
Party will also check out impact sites at same time
Having just missed the Trade Wind, Modru sails for Gota catch up with the ship.  
05/27   Pierre discovers mithril in impact site
Candara sees evil Omen
Modru attacked again by sea devils who use magic  
06/01   Party back in Jasper
Horace meets Morag
Candara discovers old text that tells of great evil
Ginger learns that Priestess Mina has been sent to defeat the great evil at Jasper
Modru reaches Gota and finds burned ship that had been attacked by sea devils using greek fire
Modru heads back for sea devil city to attack
06/02     Modru is attacked while in route.
Party attacks and steals magic from sea devils which should stop their attacks.
06/03     Return to Gota for payment from harbor master.
Modru sails for Lynd to sell magic and repair ship.
06/07   Ailon and Remo join party    
06/08   Party heads north    
06/09   Attacked by Ogres    
06/10     Modru arrives in Lynd. Party sells goods and advances a level.  
06/13   Arrive in Dira
Stay in "The Inn"
06/14   Head into gap    
06/15   Find Kez    
06/16 Luna crosses into Caliban      
06/23   Party arrives in Kent    
06/23   Party leaves Kent    
06/24     Wilrow anounces that war is eminent. Modru sails for Elftown.  
06/25     Modru is attacked by goblins. Bram blows up goblin ship with lighting bolt.  
06/26     Modru arrives in Elftown and offloads goods. Party gets note about Goblin attack on Jutland and Fredensborg
06/27     Modru leaves in Elftown and is attacked by goblin ship. After extended battle, Bram blows up goblin ship with lighting bolt.  
06/28   Party crosses into Caliban    
07/01   Pierre arrives at K'tala's castle Modru arrives in Lynd. Jutland surrounded by goblins
07/02     Modru sails for Elftown with new cargo.  
07/02       Party reaches Fredensborg and begins to search for tunnel.
07/04     Modru attacked by water creature. Later in day, the Modru arrives in Elftown and offloads goods.  
07/05 Luna arrives at B'jan's house   Modru departs Elftown and discovers goblin ship building an ambush on island. Party destroys camp and captures equipment. Party finds tunnels and destory both
07/07     Modru arrives in Lynd.  
07/08   Party arrives at B'jan's house Modru sails for Elftown  
07/09     Modru arrives in Elftown  
07/10 Luna enters K'tala's castle in the early morning. Noon, Party arrives too late to stop Luna from entering K'tala's castle.
Mid afternoon, Pierre leaves K'tala's castle for a shopping mission in Jasper.
07/12   Arrive in Jasper
Simon questions Pierre about why he is working for K'tala
Plan to rescue Luna is formed
07/13     Arrive in Lynd and defeat Goblin Man-of-War that is attacking Lynd  
07/15 Metheri has dream where Priestess Mina calls for jihad. Ginger has dream where Priestess Mina calls for jihad.
Morag brings acolyte Tara to Horace.
Mayre has dream where the Priestess Mina calls for jihad.  
07/18   Leave Jasper to K'tala's castle    
07/19   Arrive at K'tala's castle    
07/21   Party meets dwarves Modru follows The Wave Runner
Modru is sabotaged
07/22   Rescue Luna in early morning Modru is destoryed by The Wave Runner
Party takes The Wave Runner
07/23   Party back in Jasper    
07/25   Leave Jasper for K'tala's castle    
07/26   Arrive at K'tala's Castle
Take fire dogs
Attacks goblin stronghold and burn all the Greek Fire  
07/27   Leave K'tala's castle
Fight ogres
07/28   Return to Jasper
Council with Mina and Pablo
08/01   Horace holds wedding
Town is ready for battle
08/02   Luna begins making weapons    
08/03   First battle    
08/04   Final battle (Ginger almost dies)
Death of K'tala Kez's final prediction
Arrive in Lynd  
08/05   Party leaves for ocean    
08/06   K'tala's journal discovered    
08/10     Modru II leaves Lynd  
08/15     Modru II arrives in Nun - river dry  
08/17     Battle with Hill Giants  
08/20   Party arrives in Sorgen    
08/21   Book passage to atoll    
Date Geldall Jasper/Dorn Oceania Wastes
09/01 Geldall campain starts Dorn campain starts with orc attack Defend Nun from massive attack  
09/03 Discover orc complex Maynard overhears Dorn delegation plotting    
09/04 Attacked by rats
Rescue Gar and discover blue liquid
09/05 Deliver alliance scroll to B'jan      
09/07     Kills baby dragon  
09/08     Kills mother dragon and capture druid  
09/12   Dorn delection ask the party from Zug to help capture Thieves Guild Leader
The party from Zug discovers that this so-called leader is the town council leader. They are being set up.
Party brings druid to Nun for trial  
09/13   The party from Zug, in league with the town council leader, pretends to agree to help the Dorn delegaion to collect evidence    
09/14   The party from Zug "kidnaps" the target and waits for the delegation.    
09/15   The party from Zug is attacked by thugs but with Pablo's help, they defect the thugs and stage the room to look like the tugs prevailed.    
09/17     Modru II arrives in Lynd for repairs  
09/15   The Dorn delegation is arrested.    
09/20 The Geldall party notices their magic items pulsing The Jasper party arrives at atoll and Luna begins beating anvil
The Dorn party notices their magic items pulsing
09/22   Luna finished beating anvil and ship leaves for Sorgen    
09/23 B'jan asks the Geldall party and party from Zug to travel to Jasper to help with defences per the treaty between Jasper and Geldall      
09/25 The combined Geldall/Zug party leaves for Jasper      
09/26 Tara last seen by D'bar walking out of town for her evening prayers.      
10/01 The combined Geldall/Zug reach Jasper and report to Pablo for duties      
10/02 Pablo asks party to investigate the missing acolyte      
10/03 Party discovers that Tara is at K'tala's castle and is creating an army of undead      
10/10 Geldall party captures blue liquid making machine      
10/13 Geldall party begins search for Zeldar      
10/15     Modru-II leaves Lynd bound for Angor  
10/17 Geldall party rescues Zeldar      
10/19 Geldall party brings Zeldar back to Jasper and begins planning attack on the castle      
10/21 Geldall party storms the castle and rescue's Tara by driving the evil entity from her Ship arrives in Sorgen
Comet strikes atoll
10/22   Wave hits Sorgen    
10/23     Wave hits Modru-II  
11/06     Party arrives in Nun  
11/12     Weka asks Qweldrik to help find Myrden
Glynydd kills Pargo, takes his place, and talks to party
Glynydd kills bosun and takes his place
11/14     Party attacked by Sea Devils
Glynydd kills captain and first mate and leaves spider in cabin
11/15     Party reaches Gota  
11/16   Jasper party returns to Jasper Party attacked by whale towed creatures
Glynydd used diversion to board ship but is discoverd
11/17     Party destroys Glynydd's ship  
11/18     Party attacked by sea lions  
11/19     Party arrives in Elftown  
11/22     Glynydd arrives in Elftown  
11/28     Glynydd kills Wilrow and takes his place Last day of guard service
12/01     Party sails south in search of Myrden  
12/08     Party sails into harbor and discovers Keeper's grave  
12/09     Party find Pearl of Wisdom and discover Glynydd  
12/24     Party arrives in Elftown  
12/28     Party arrives in Lynd  
Date Dragon Jasper Oceania Wastes