The Hills are Alive

Characters: Iana Baton[6], Griffyn[6], Duet Alexander[6], Aurian Stef[6], Mayre Stoutheart[6], Bram[7], Wogren Duval[6], Quentin[6], Bartok[6]

This is a collaborative synopsis of the 1 January 2006 game in the Oceania campaign of the Daleth world.


Back in Lynd, the party advances another level and has some well deserved rest.


The party meets for dinner and discuss the news that they've heard.

Aurian has heard from a Ranger friend that on midsummer's eve in Nun, there was a very powerful thunderstorm (unlike any that seen there ever) and lightning struck the granary and it burned to the ground. That same night, most of the local animal stocks disappeared.

Mayre, while talking with the local priest, heard that some wild creatures have attacked the village of Nun. There are no clear descriptions of exactly what attacked the town but several houses were burned, there are numerous deaths, and several children were taken.

Duet, while hitting on. . ., err, talking with a sailor heard that the main river flowing through Nun dried up. Since Nun is a harbor, ocean water took the place of the fresh water so the harbor is not closed but people up and down the river have lost easy access to fresh water. Above sea level, the river channel is completely dry. To make matters worse, since the great thunderstorm of midsummer's eve, there has not been any rain and the crops in the field are beginning to wither.

All agree that Wilrow should be contacted to see if there is anything that the party can do. The crew has a meeting the next morning and Bram agrees to bring up the matter.


At the crew meeting, Wilrow agrees that he should fill the hold with supplies for Nun and sail for there as soon as the Modru II is complete. He orders all to be on the ship to sail at dawn on the 10th.


At dawn, the Modru II sails southeast. Wilrow plans on stopping in Gota to see how that town is doing.


At noon, Modru II arrives in Gota. Things are normal so Wilrow readies the ship to sail the following dawn.


At dawn, the Modru II sails for Nun with good weather.


At noon, Modru II arrives in Nun. Most of the town comes down to greet the ship. With no baths in about 6 weeks, it is a smelling greeting. Aurian learns that their Ranger is missing.

The party travels out to the site of the most recent attack to see if Aurian can find any trail. Quentin notices a sword mark on the wall of the farmhouse near the door and they notice a size 12-14 boot prints near a broken water barrel. The trail of footprints seems to come from the road heading up the mountain along the river. Given the late hour, the party returns to town but plans to follow the trail in the morning.


At dawn, the party packs up and heads out of the town. Along the path they see remnants of old large footprints from when the path was wet and numerous prints over those old prints. About 4 in the afternoon, they find bodes of several children. The paladin and cleric do last rites and they bury the bodies.

They continue up the road till an hour or so before sundown where they find another path coming in from the right that seems newer and has heavy shod boot prints. The prints do not continue up the main path. The party decides to camp the night and decide what path to take in the morning.

Before sundown, Bram levitated up to see where the river was diverted and that the second path leads across another limb of the mountain. The river seems diverted across to another valley.


  1. Wogren, Quentin
  2. Aurian, Bram
  3. Griffyn, Bartok, Duet
  4. Iana, Mayre


In the middle of second watch, the party is attacked. Before the battle starts, the party get ready:

The attackers are Hobgoblin. As they near the party (and just miss noticing Griffyn hiding by the road), Quentin opens fire, killing one. Wogren casts Summon Creature III and creates a Hippogriff. Leaping from his hiding spot, Griffyn does a flurry of attacks and knocks down and kills 2.

Bram advances and fires a lighting bolt at the ranks of hobgoblins that kills 5.The Hobgoblins charge forward and attack. Mayre and Aurian engage the hobgoblins in hand to hand killing several. Iana casts Daylight 60' on a stone which dazzles the hobgoblins.

After a few minutes of fighting, Bram tries out his new Fireball spell and kills about half of the enemy and wounds most of the rest. Wogren's summoned Hippogriff kills one.

Feeling that the battle is lost, 2 hobgoblins turn and run. Iana kills one fleeing hobgoblins with a spell and Quentin kills the other an arrow. With a flying, roundhouse kick, Griffyn kills the last 2 ending the battle.

Searching the bodies, they find 500 GP and 40 10GP gems. Danae notices that there are more troops across the crag. Bram uses the arcane eye to see the camp and notices that the hobgoblins seem to have sent out a messenger.

The party, feeling they can take the hobgoblins, walks toward the crag. They find the camp empty but Danae thinks they are in the cave.

Entering the cave first, Griffyn is attacked and battle begins again. After a quick battle, the few remaining hobgoblins surrender.

The leader of the hobgoblin cooperates with party and answers questions. After searching the camp and binding prisoners, the party members take turns guarding their prisoners and get some well deserved rest.

However, Mayre cannot sleep. In her mind, the fate of the prisoners seems to be resting on her shoulders. As a defender of law, she knows that justice is her prime duty. As a follower of Dwalin, the god of Defense, she is bound to defend the helpless and these hobgoblins are surely a danger to the town of Nun's safety. Lastly, as a Paladin, she hates evil and these creatures are fully evil, killing for the highest bidder.

After hours of prayer and soul searching, she knows Dwalin's will. These creatures are unredeemable so jail time would be ineffective. If allowed to go free, they will surely kill the innocent again. Their only just and lawful fate is death but even they deserve a proper death. She will execute them herself using the proper and humane method of decapitation. Given the urgency of their mission, the execution will be carried out at dawn. At last her soul is at peace and she can fall to sleep.


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