Fire on the Water

Characters: Iana Baton[6], Griffyn[6], Duet Alexander[6], Aurian Stef[6], Mayre Stoutheart[6], Bram[7], Wogren Duval[6], Quentin[6], Bartok[6]

This is a collaborative synopsis of the 16 April 2005 game in the Oceania campaign of the Daleth world.


Having returned from the battle at the cave to find the Modru destroyed, the party had gathered the survivors from the ship and had taken cover in the forest. A large contingent of sailors from the Waverunner -- including its captain, judging by the presence of a large and ornate tent -- was camped on the shore, and the coming darkness provided an opportunity to take them by surprise.

There was considerable discussion about possible attack strategies. Both spellcasters were below full strength, having expended their most powerful spells during the cave battle, but it seemed likely that an uncomplicated frontal assault would succeed. Captain Wilrow estimated the crew of the Waverunner as no more than fifty; with at least eight still aboard the ship, and more having been dealt with at the cave, that left a manageable number in the camp.

First, in order to secure the two launches used to travel between the ship and the shore, Bram used two scrolls to render invisible two crewmen (Ezra and Rupin) from the Modru. These two sailors then ran to the launches with instructions to take them offshore and hold them there until the battle was over. Bram also cast a Web spell to block the door of the captain's tent.

The battle began in earnest with attacks on several fronts. Griffyn ran to the window opening of the captain's tent to look inside; Bram killed one of the sentries with magic missiles, while Quentin dispatched another with arrows. Wogrin summoned a celestial badger to attack the sailors in one tent, while Bartok used a sound-blast attack on the other. Griffyn entered the captain's tent and killed the one bodyguard; the captain was sleeping soundly.

The battle ended quickly, and the captain awoke to find himself surrounded by enemies. True to his mercenary nature, he saw the wisdom of capitulating; he not only confirmed that he was delivering Greek fire to the goblins, but also agreed to transfer command of his ship to Captain Wilrow.


Wilrow now suggested that, with the new ship available as cover, they should take the opportunity to infiltrate the goblin port and try to strike a decisive blow. The former captain provided information about the goblin operation, as well as a map showing the local geography; he also agreed to speak to any goblins they encountered, since he was known and would be allowed through.


Arriving at the goblin city, the ship (now informally christened Modru II) was not impeded as it approached the docks. The party was amazed to see a dense grouping of large and small goblin craft tied up, with many barrels (presumably of Greek fire) waiting on the wharf for loading. There was no sign that the goblins were on guard, and in fact most of the ships did not appear to be fully manned.

As soon as the Modru II came within range, the party released a barrage of flaming missiles at the docked vessels. Soon the goblin ships were on fire, and a series of explosions followed as the Greek fire spread the conflagration through the entire fleet. Within minutes, the goblins' ability to conduct naval warfare had been destroyed.

Hastily withdrawing, the Modru II paused long enough to disable the massive gates with which the goblins were able to close off their harbor. A flaming projectile from the shipboard catapult destroyed one of the gates; meanwhile, several crew members ascended to the crow's nest in order to attack the goblins manning the battlements above. Spotting a barrel of Greek fire, Bram (levitating alongside the rigging) fired a lightning bolt, killing many of the goblins and dispersing the rest.

There was no pursuit, and the Modru II sailed home without incident.


Mayre's sword begins to throb about once a second throughout the day. After dark she notices that the sword gives off a faint glow with each throb. Something big is going on somewhere.


The sword stops throbbing.


After arriving back at Lynd, they turned their prisoners over to the local authorities; they then reported to Governor La Croix that they had not only tracked the Greek fire to its destination, they had also dealt the goblins a blow that would hasten the end of the war. With the goblin fleet largely destroyed and the gates disabled, the Elves could now send a task force to finish the job.

The governor was delighted by this news and promised to express her gratitude appropriately.

Mayre feels in quick succession a terrible sorrow quickly followed by a great joy and relief. A great evil has been defeated - but with a terrible cost.


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