Island of Their Discontent

Characters: Iana Baton[5], Griffyn[5], Duet Alexander[5], Aurian Stef[5], Mayre Stoutheart[5], Bram[6], Wogren Duval[5], Quentin[5], Bartok[5]

This is a collaborative synopsis of the 09 October 2004 game in the Oceania campaign of the Daleth world.


The party forces one captive to open the crates and they discover weapons, rations and war supplies for several hundred men. They question the captive but learn that he was "just following orders."

Danae notices that The Modru is under attack! The party heads for the beach leaving the captives guarded by Duet. It is dark as they leave the cave. By the time they get to the ship (about 45 minutes), the ship is destroyed and most sailors are dead.

As the party reaches the beach, they see The Wave Runner is about 300 yards out in the bay. Quentin moves along the beach and gathers them back together. There are a total of 15 extra survivors (including Wilrow and Qweldrik). They limp back to the cave (taking about an hour). By that time, Danae reports that the ship has stopped firing fireballs and has lowered it anchors.

The party equips themselves from the supplies left in the cave and make plans to defend against the battle they know will be coming.


Party waits for troops. Iana notices an invisible person walking up the path. Mayre shoots her cross bow, Aurian fires her bow but both miss. Duet casts See Invisible and sees a person in robes reaching in his robes for something.

Iana casts Spiritual Hammer and attacks the invisible person (20 which hits for 7). Aurian shoots at the same spot and hits the invisible person fires a fireball and does 21 points of damage to (Iana, Mayre, Duet, 5 crew)

Danae notices that the rest of the attackers are running toward the party and the battle starts.

After a large battle, the party kills all the attackers. On the mage they find 4 scrolls (invisibility-level 9), scrolls, and a wand of missiles (20 charges level 9)


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