Storm Clouds Gathering

Characters: Iana Baton[5], Griffyn[5], Duet Alexander[5], Aurian Stef[5], Mayre Stoutheart[5], Bram[6], Wogren Duval[5], Quentin[5], Bartok[5]


The the party arrived in Lynd, sold the treasure and Greek fire and split their goods with the ship.
Each earned 4500 GP and advanced a level.


Two weeks later, everyone is rested, recovered, and ready for action. Wilrow has called an "all aboard" for noon in preparation for sailing at sunset.

Shortly after noon, the bosun blows an "all hands on deck" whistle. After everyone gathers on the deck, Wilrow addresses the crew from the bridge railing:

"Some of you may have heard about this around town but this will be news to many of you. War is eminent."

"The Goblin Hordes have declared war on the Elvish Confederation. Some of you saw the Elvish man-of-war here in Lynd a few weeks back. They were here talking with Lynd's Governor requesting assistance."

"The Governor Geneive La Croix, after much consultation with her advisors, has agreed that it is the province's best interest that the Goblin Horde be defeated. However, she does not wish to declare war on the Goblins at this time. Instead, she is asking all available ships to assist in supplying the Elves."

"That is what I plan to do. I will be shipping a cargo of war supplies to the nearest Elf port. There are dangers of being boarded or attacked by a Goblin ship so I wanted to inform you first. There will, of course, be a higher wage due to the increased hazard."

"Any of you that are concerned about this voyage should notify the first mate that you are leaving so we can find replacements. If any of you that are remaining need to make any last minute purchases, you may do so as long as you are back on board by the beginning of 3rd watch (4:00 PM). I'd like to see the officer staff in my cabin in one hour. Dismissed!"

With that, Wilrow leaves the bridge and heads to his cabin. There is a murmur of voices throughout the ship. You hear everything from "'bout time those #%@# Goblins got what they deserve" to "I never signed up for this" to "I need a drink!"

The officers gather near Wilrow's cabin door and are ushered in by the first mate. Taking their usual spots around the table, Wilrow unrolls a map on the table and begins:

"I wanted to give you a clearer idea of just what we have in store on this mission. A few of you have never traveled to visit the Elves. Their archipelago is only a little over a day's journey west of here if we could sail directly but the currents and underwater hazards require a rather circuitous and exacting path."

"I will require a senior officer on the bridge at all times once we enter the channels. I will also need the crow's nest manned at all times due to the increased danger of Goblin attack."

"Any questions?"

There being no questions, the officers were dismissed to finish with last minute details. Throughout the afternoon cargo is loaded into the hold. Most of it is in unmarked boxes, crates, and barrels.

Wogren buys himself and Bram some anti-goblin amulets (25GP each) in Lynd before they leave. Others make a few last minute purchases while the bards "entertain" the crew with music as the cargo is loaded in the ship.

Some crew do leave the ship and some new recruits come aboard. By 3rd watch, the ship is manned and is being readied for sailing.

With the cloudy sky and the almost new moon, the night is very dark. Since they are still in open ocean with little danger of running aground, Wilrow continues sailing.

The party sets their standard watches:

  1. Wogren, Quentin
  2. Aurian, Duet
  3. Griffyn, Bartok
  4. Iana, Mayre


During third watch, the ship is attacked by a Goblin ship. The party rushes on deck to ready their defense. Wogren cast a Light spell on the mast so the party can see as Aurian shoots an arrow but misses because she did not have her range yet. Mayre lets loose her crossbow and kills one of the goblins on the bow of the ship. Quentin fires off 2 quick shots killing one goblin and wounding another. As Duet watches, Gryffin takes a running start and jumps over to the goblin ship to take the battle to their ship.

As Danae flies around above the battle looking for more ships, the goblins launch a flaming ball from a catapult which hits Bartok and catchers her on fire! At the same instant, Bram fires a lightening bolt spell which hits something on the ship causing it to explode. Gryffin quick reflexes allow him to dive overboard to avoid being burned by the explosion.

Back on the Modru, Bartok drops to the deck and rolls which puts the fire out. Wogren quickly comes to her aid healing the fire damage as Aurian starts putting out fires using the buckets of sand stowed on the ship.

Gryffin swims back to the ship to find the battle over as quickly as it started. By the time they clean up the ship, the clouds have begun the break and the first rays of the sun are striking the crow's nest. They all hope the rest of the journey won't be like this first morning.

The rest of the day is uneventful. Wilrow estimates that they will reach the islands sometime after midnight if the wind holds. The party sets their watches and hopes for a quite night.


In the early morning, the ship drops anchor as they reach the islands. Wilrow will not sail these channels at night.

Morning comes without any problems and the ship sails a winding path through the channels all day. A crewman in the crow's nest calls out shoals and sandbars and they sail among the many islands. About 5:00PM, they reach a large port passing several large Elf ships on the way into the harbor. Much to the dismay of the crew, Wilrow informs them that there will be no shore leave.

Qweldrik can be seen standing at the ships railing directing the off-loading of cargo and on-loading of supplies. Elven food is provided for dinner consisting of mostly fruits and vegetables along with a drink that seems like wine but does not make you drunk (very relaxed, but senses very active). The ship stays moored over night.


In the morning, the Elves bring hot liquid (much better than the liquid the bards drank at The Grind) for the crew along with warm bread. They leave the harbor loading down with Elven goods as soon as it is fully light.

In the mid afternoon, Bram is taking his turn in the crow's nest. He notices a ship in the distance and notifies Qweldrik. The elf climbs up and confirms that there is goblin ship on the horizon. He orders the ship stopped and the sail struck to reduce the ship's profile. Bram calls down to Aurian who readies the marines.

Shortly Qweldrik informs that the ship has changed coarse and is heading for the ship. Wilrow turns the ship around and heads for a nearby island. The goblin ship is manned with many rowers and is faster than the Modru. As the goblin ship nears, the party readies for battle with Bartok casting Inspire Courage and Bram enchants 50 arrows.

With the goblin ship about 150 yards behind, Quentin fires a couple of shots and kills 2.

With the goblin ship about 140 yards behind, Wogren fires 3 Magic Missiles and kills one and Quentin kills 2 more.

With the goblin ship about 130 yards behind, Wogren fires 3 Magic Missiles and kills one and Quentin kills 2.

With the goblin ship about 120 yards behind, Wogren fires 3 Magic Missiles and kills one, Quentin and kills 2 more, and Griffyn fires a ballista that hits.

With the goblin ship about 110 yards behind, Wogren fires 3 Magic Missiles and kills one, Quentin kills 2 more, Griffyn fires another ballista which hits, Aurian looses an arrow which hits, and Bram drop another.

With the goblin ship about 100 yards behind, Wogren fires 3 Magic Missiles, Quentin hits with two arrows, and Aurian hits with another arrow.

With the goblin ship about 100 yards behind, Wogren fires 3 Magic Missiles and kills one, Quentin hits with two arrows and kills 2, Aurian's arrow finds it mark as well. It seems like the party has killed enough of the rowers that the ship is slowing down somewhat.

With the goblin ship about 90 yards behind, Wogren fires 3 Magic Missiles and kills one, Quentin's arrows kill 2, Griffyn fires a ballista which hits the ship causing some damage, Aurian's arrow miss as the goblin ships jerks in response to the ballista bolt. Mayre does manage to make contact with her arrow.

With the goblin ship about 90 yards behind, Wogren summons Fiendish Hawks, which attacks the Goblins. Quentin fires 2 shots and kills with both as Griffyn fires a ballista which hits rowers.

With the goblin ship about 90 yards behind, Wogren summons Fiendish Hawks which attacks the Goblins. Quentin kills 2 more as Griffyn fires another ballista hit. Aurian arrow finds it mark and kills one. The ship is no longer catching up with the Modru but is still keeping pace.

With the goblin ship about 90 yards behind, Bram casts a Lighting Bolt on the catapult, which kills 20 and sets off Greek fire (which kills another 20, and set the ship on fire. At this point the goblin ship stops following effectively ending the battle.

Wilrow maneuvers around the last few islands before reaching the open ocean. The Modru heads for Lynd under the cover of darkness.


The next day is an uneventful day of sailing.


The ship arrives in Lynd just after midnight. The crew sleeps on the ship and in the early morning off-loads the cargo. Wilrow pays the crew for the 5 days of sailing. The bards go bar hopping, while Bran goes to the magic shop to buy 2 scrolls (Repair Ship, Gust of Wind). As well, he finds Wogren a book called "The Theory of Left Hand Somatic Gestures for Third Degree Channeling Spell Execution" as a gift for Wogren. Aurian buys leather supplies to make a new special purpose backpack to make it easier to access some of her supplies.


The ship sails at 4:00 PM. The party sets their standard night watches.


They sail through the day without incident. The party sets their standard night watches.


After midnight, they reach the islands and the captain drops anchor. Later, Quentin is standing watch when some strange creature climbs over the gunnels and some more hang on to the ship from the water. Quentin yells out a warning as he attacks one creature with his rapier (which seems to have little effect).

The strange creature stares at Quentin who seems to zone out and he stops attacking the creature. Another creature grabs Quentin and begins dragging him to the gunnels. Wogren casts a magic missile which strikes the second creature causing it to release Quentin.

The party rushes on deck and begins fighting. Gryffin strikes at one creature and stuns it. Gryffin seems to zone out when one of the creatures looks at him. Bran casts a Magic Missiles on one creature that still in the water. Bartok misses with a sling. Wogren puts light on mast. Mayre strikes with Holy sword (19) and kills one. Quentin breaks his gaze and runs to his bow and picks it up.

Griyffin continues to stare at the creature in the water. Aurian hits and kills. Another creature looks at Bram who zones out. Bartok hits one of the creatures on the ship with her sling. Wogren Magic Missiles kills. Mayre strings one on the deck and kills. Quentin moves to the rail and fires but misses

Griyffin continues to stare at the creature in the water. Aurian attacks miss. Bram gazes. Bartok tries to wake up Gryffin but it fails. Wogren fires a Magic Missiles. Mayre strikes and kills. Quentin shoots 2 arrows but seems to do little damage.

Griyffin continues to stare at the creature in the water. Aurian attacks (7). Bram gazes. Bartok casts Sound Burst (3 on one 2 on other) and stuns. Wogren Magic Missiles which kills. Mayre runs over to attack but misses. Quentin uses fire on the creatures.

Griyffin run across and whacks at the one Quentin fired as Aurian kills another.

The creatures finally release the ship and Wilrow sails the ship some distance away from the islands before again dropping anchor. At first light, the ship heads for Elftown. They reach Elftown by evening to find another ship, The Nor'easter, also docked there.

The crew is invited on shore for a dinner after they unload the ship. Qweldrik does not go ashore but directs activities from the ship. Bartok overhears from the crowd that Qweldrik has been exiled from the Elvish confederation for giving navigations secrets to Wilrow and therefore cannot leave the ship. She informs the rest of the party of this information.


Next morning they complete loading the ship under Quldrik's watchful eye from the bridge. T he ship leaves port about 10:00 AM using a slightly different route to avoid those strange creatures.

In the early afternoon, Bram noticed something behind some trees on the other side of an island. Danae flies over and sees a ship that is off-loading goblins and equipment on the island. The party decides to go ashore and attack.

The Modru has a small row boat that can haul 4 passengers and 1 crew which takes 2 trips to get the marines on shore. After dark, Griffyn, Aurian, Mayre, Iana and Quentin take the first trip over. Quentin returns to the ship and picks up Bram, Bartok, Duet, and Wogren for the second trip.

Once they figure out the layout of the camp, the attack begins. At the same time, Quentin shoots and kills the gnoll, Aurian swings at hobgoblin and kills it, Wogren summons Celestial Baggers in the tent, Duet casts Cause Fear on an hobgoblin (2 rounds) fails save and runs toward the sea, Gryffin attacks and kills one, Bartok casts Sound Burst in the middle of the sleeping hobgoblins which kills 4, Mayre runs forward and swings but misses, and Bram fires 3 Magic Missiles at 3 different targets manageing to kills one.

After this initial blitz, a gnoll runs to Mayre but misses. Quentin looses an arrow for a kill. Aurian moves forward and does damage to another. Wogren summons Celestial Baggers in the tent. The 3 Baggers attack those in the tent.

Duet moves closer to the action and is attacked by a hobgoblin. Gryffin cut new opening to tent preparing to go in next round. Before he can enter, Bartok casts Sound Burst in the middle of the tent killing almost all the hobgoblins (and the badgers)

Mayre swings and kills 1. Bram fires 3 Magic Missiles at one and kills it.

Quentin fires arrow at one that attacked him and kills. With the other arrow he kills another one. Aurian swings twice and kills 2. Wogren fires a Magic Missiles which kills. Duet casts an Open Door on the tent flap. Gryffin enters the tent a whacks the stunned Gnoll for a kill. Mayre strikes another for a kill. Quentin shoots an arrow and kills the last one.

They find 150 GP and 300 SP in coins. They also capture a catapult (800 GP), a barrel of Greek fire (4000 GP), and 20 sponge hallow balls (20 GP). [Total of 5000GP / 2500GP for party / net 250GP]

The load the treasure onto the ship and sail for Lynd.


The ship sails all day without incident.


The ship arrives in town just after midnight. The crew sleep on the ship and off-load cargo at first light. Wilrow pays the crew for the 5 days of sailing plus 250 GP each for their share of the captured treasure.


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