Underwater Hell

Characters: Iana Baton[4], Griffyn[4], Duet Alexander[4], Aurian Stef[4], Mayre Stoutheart[4], Bram[5] Wogren Duval[4] Quentin[4] Bartok[4] George Moon[4]


The party interrogates the sea devil who is initially uncooperative. However, once bright lights are used, the grudgingly reveals that he lives in the city and is a soldier. He knows nothing of the mission but just does what his (now dead) sergeant orders. He knows one other air breather who comes every few "dark moons". He brought them Greek fire, and darkness. Since he helps them and they help him. He also states that there are about 200 in the city, some young, and some old.

Iana notices that the dark globe lasted about 75 minutes after the battle which implies that its creator is a very high level spell castor.

After finishing with the sea devils, they load up the Greek fire and sail for Nun to look for the Trade Wind. The ships arrives in port just after sunset.


First light, the party visits the harbor master who tells them that the Trade wind left port heading west two days ago. They decide to sail to Gota to catch the Trade Wind. As the sun sets, the sky clouds up and a stiff breeze comes up. The party sets watches for the evening expecting trouble.

  1. Wogren, Quentin
  2. Aurian, Duet
  3. Griffyn, Bartok
  4. Iana, Mayre


In the middle of third watch, the ship lurches causing many fall from their bunks. The watch office calls for battle stations as the sleeping party members stumble on to deck. Quentin fires the aft starboard ballista into the water at whatever has hold of the ship while Bartok beings to Inspire Courage with her singing. Duet ties herself to the mast fearing falling overboard while Iana casts Bless and Wogren conjures up a Fiendish Shark.

Quentin runs over and fires the other aft ballista (only to discover that it was not loaded!). Bram fires a Color Spray into the water while Griffyn begins to reload the aft starboard ballista as Duet casts a Light Spell on the front mast which illuminates that fact that the front rail of the ship is lined with 10 sea devils climbing on board!

Aurian runs forward and kills the first one. Iana creates a Spiritual Weapon and sends it toward the squid. Wogren stands on one foot and launches 2 Magic Missiles out of his left elbow.

As one of the sea devils breaks a flask of Greek fire on the front of the ship, another one pull out a darkness stone, plunging the forecastle into darkness. Quentin moves foreword and shoots arrows into the darkness. Worried about hand to hand combat, Bram creates Mage Armor on himself and moves forward. Duet casts a Fear spell at one of the sea devils in the darkness area. Bartok casts a Lullaby into the darkness hoping to put some asleep. Aurian runs into the darkness toward where the one with the stone had been before things went dark. She finds several targets and inflicts heavy damage.

Again Iana casts Detect Magic and begins walking toward the magic item. Wogren creates a Fiendish Wolf which runs forward and attacks a sea devil, Quentin continues to fire into the darkness where he hears sea devil noises. Bran casts Pyrotechniques on the forecastle to attempt to put out any fire that might have been started. Mayre fires a cross bow into the squid and it releases the ship. Griffyn fires the ballista and kills the squid.

Iana reaches the darkness stone and light is restored showing mostly dead or asleep sea devils. Bartok continues the lullaby to keep them sleeping as Aurian begins to toss bodies off the ship. Bram noticed a scroll poking out of the belt pouch of the dead leader who was being tossed overboard and manages to stop them and take the scroll. Bram casts Read Magic to examine the scroll and discovered it was a 10th level inscription of Darkness.

Morning brings stormy seas.


Stormy day.


Weather clearing.


The ship arrives in Gota. In the port they see a ship with a broken mast. They learn that the ship was attacked by a sea monster.

Bartok attempts to find out what is going on and learns that the old drunk went to deal with the "crazy old druid" and was struck by lightening. His funeral is today. Also, wreckage of the Trade Wind was brought in by a ship that arrived from Lynd today.

The party decides to go back and attack to the sea devil city and hope that they get attacked. Bran thinks that he can prepare a spell that would counter the darkness effect but will need some sleep and study time so he is excluded from the watch list. They decide to sail tonight at sunset.

  1. Wogren, Quentin
  2. Aurian, Mayre
  3. Griffyn, Bartok


Just before sunrise, the ship is attacked. Griffyn rings the ships bell for general quarters. Battle starts as 20 sea devils board this ship. Wogren casts Light on a rigging peg so he can place it where it will cause the most trouble to the sea devils. Bartok does Inspire Courage as Bram reads his spell in case the sea devils use the Darkness trick again

Sure enough, a sea devil pulls one of the rocks from his sack which plunges the front of the ship in darkness. Bram confidently strides forward and releases his Dispel Magic spell, to no effect! Stunned he tries again but again fails.

In the mean time, Iana casts Detect Magic again and begins walking toward the object. This time someone is holding it so she opens her clock and "hugs" the sea devil covering the stone with her robes. The sea devil struggles to free himself while heavy inflicting damage on Iana. However, Iana's tactic works. Once the darkness is removed, the light spells and the attacks quickly turn the tide. Aurian, seeing that Iana is in trouble, runs forward and kills her attacker. Recovering from this failure, Bram fires a Magic Missile at a sea devil who was attempting to light Greek fire which was spreading over the forecastle deck.

Quentin and Mayre attack the remaining sea devils while Wogren's hyena gnaws on a few others. After a short battle, the rest of the sea devils are destroyed.

Searching the leader Bram discovers scrolls for Rusting Grasp and Summon Monster. AAfter healing and tossing the dead overboard, everyone rests so that they can attempt the attack around 2:00 pm.

Hoping to learn from their prior encounters, they formulate the following plan:

They notice which building has the item and close to melee with the guards at the doorway. While Quentin and Aurian attack the guards, Iana barges through taking a passing shot by one of the guards. She pulls out her light and advances in toward the magic causing the sea devils flee from the light allowing Aurian to get in a passing attack.

While the others advance into the building, Bram watches for flank attacks underwater. On the ship, Griffin is keeping watch on the ocean. Danae flying high above the ship warns that a big "fish" is heading toward them. Griffin runs to the bow port ballista and Bartok casts Inspires Courage upon those on the ship.

Bram notices that a giant squid is coming in directly toward the building so he signals by throwing out several out light rocks and retreats into the building.

In his little boat, Wogren watches below the water from a sign. When he sees the light spells and the giant squid, he panics and summons a Fiendish Shark to attack the squid. Those on the ship fire away at the squid.

Inside the building, Aurian notices movement in the cave. She pulls out her light source and advances on the sea devil that had a used scroll lying at his feet. She quickly kills the mage and grabs his pouch.

Wogren creates another Fiendish Shark and sends it down toward the squid

After searching the entire building and taking all the magical items, the party moves toward the doorway. By this time, the squid had been killed so they are able to make it to the anchor and are hauled up.

As the sun begins to set, the Modru heads back to port. In route they examine their finds.

Booty list:
NumberTreasureValue (GP)
12scroll of Darkness750
8scroll of Monster Summoning3000
5scroll of Call Lightening1875
3scroll of Flaming Sphere750
1scroll of Ice Storm3000
1glowing long sword (+2)8335
1horn of fog2000


After getting paid by the harbor master for dealing with the sea devils, the party heads for Lynd.


In Lynd, the party sells the gear and Greek fire and splits their goods with the ship. Mayre bought a +1 holy sword for 4000. They each earns 4500 GP and advances a level training in Lynd while Wilrow has some minor repairs done on the Modru.


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