Down Under

Characters: Iana Baton[4], Griffyn[4], Duet Alexander[4], Aurian Stef[4], Mayre Stoutheart[4], Bram[5] Wogren Duval[4] Quentin[4] Bartok[4] George Moon[4]


The party is overheard by a man at the next table who tells them that he knows where the sea devils live. He just finished mapping the island near their underwater city. His name is George Moon and is a map maker by trade.

Bram asks if he would be interested in serving as a guide to the party (assuming the Captain agrees). George is willing so they all return to the ship to check with Wilrow. The Captain is excited to meet the George Moon since he has so many of Moon's maps on board. They decide that leaving in the middle of the night would allow them access to the city during the day when it should be safest.


The Modru sets sails and leaves port while it is still dark. After an uneventful journey, they arrive at the island in the early afternoon.

Aurian puts on the helm and goes over the side of the boat to get a better look at the city. She can see a small city of about 200, stone structures with a large central clearing which as a stone obelisk in the center. She also notices a group of barrels that are being held down with stones.

Aurian, Iana, and Quentin go down to the sea bottom. They discover that the barrels contain Greek fire so they remove the rocks from barrels causing them to rise to the surface. After loading the barrels into the ship, they then leave for the nearby island in an attempt to get the sea devils to attack them on land.

Shipping marks on the barrels show that the Greek fire was shipped on a ship called The Trade Wind. Captain Wilrow knows of the ship and suggests that they try and meet up with the ship to see where this cargo came from.

The party camps on the beach of the island as bait for the sea devils while having the ship anchor on the other side of the island where it should be safe. The settle down for the evening after setting watches.

  1. Wogren, Quentin
  2. Aurian, Bram
  3. Griffyn, Bartok, Duet
  4. Iana, Mayre


In the middle of the first watch, the sea devils attack. As they lumber up out of the surf, Quentin fires off 2 quick shots and kills one. While Bartok begins to Inspire Courage with her singing, Aurian leaps into the battle with a powerful double attack and kills another.

Things are going well until one sea devil pulls something out of a sack and a large area of the beach goes black. Wogren and Bram attempt to use magic to defeat the Darkness but are unsuccessful. Quentin runs toward the Greek fire hoping to use it as a weapon against the enemy inside the darkness. Others run to assist him while Aurian walk into the darkness using her blind fighting skill. Mayre, who was in the range of the darkness swings blindly and things she hit something (hopefully not one of her companions!).

Keeping her wits about her, Iana casts Detect Magic, spots the source of the magic within the darkness, and begins walks toward the source. As the gets there, the object seems to be lying on the ground so she spreads her cloak and falls on the object hoping to block the darkness. It works!

Suddenly, the Light spell created earlier glares into action and the darkness fades and the sea devils turn and flee toward ocean. Duet runs and tackles one of them preventing it from escaping. Wogren conjures up a fiendish hyena which charges into the pack of sea devils fleeing. Bram casts a Web spell which snares one.

As the last free sea devil sinks below the waves, the party gathers up their prisoners and safely stores the darkness object in a sack. After healing their wounded, they search the prisoners and the dead sea devils. The then discuss how best to interrogate the prisoners.


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