Sea Devils

Characters: Iana Baton[4], Griffyn[4], Duet Alexander[4], Mithas[4], Pargo Rel[4], Aurian Stef[4], Mayre Stoutheart[4], Bram[5] Wogren Duval[4] Quentin[4] Bartok[4]


Even before the sun rises, local fishermen leave the small port city of Nun for another day of fishing. As the sun rises over the forest,shop owners begin their morning routines of cleaning up and getting ready to open.The hustle and bustle of the starting day is what brings the party all out of their slumber.

Each feels a little groggy from a little too much partying last night in celebration of their safe arrival in Nun. They managed to survive the shipwreck of The Dolphin and a harrowing two week journey in a small boat along the coast. This journey included an attack by head-hunters, difficulty finding enough food and water, and sailing the small boat without any ship's crew.

All of that is behind them now but they are still many miles away from your target destination of Lynd. Yesterday they learned that Nun is a small port city so long distance ships only visit Nun once or twice a week. If they are lucky, they will be able to find a ship heading to Lynd within the week and can complete the voyage. After explaining their journey, the local townsfolk threw a party for group in the local inn.

They have spent the night in the common room of that inn, The Rusty Anchor, and are thus sore and stiff from sleeping on benches, floor, tables, or wherever each passed out. Remnants of last night's festivities lay around them: empty mugs, dirty dishes, etc. The owner of the inn, Nate, is gathering up plates and mugs while his wife, Bess, is sweeping the floor. Nate notices the party stirring and walks over.

"Morning, you lot want any breakfast?"

The party has breakfast and inquires about rooms at The Rusty Anchor for the night. Each room will hold 2 and costs 5sp per night (including breakfast). The party decided to camp outside town due to lack of funds.

They then head out to gather supplies to replace things used on trip. They also learn that this town's claim to fame is the local glass factory. Several go and visit the factory which is owned and run by Juliet Hewlett. She lets the party try their hand at blowing glass floats from obsidian glass that has been melted in the large stone oven. It is much harder that it first looks but soon several are able to make mostly spherical hollow glass net floats.


They check the docks several times to check on ships but find none that day. The city is quite dead during the day with much of the town's population out fishing. Aurian does some hunting in the woods nearby and ends up with several rabbits which she skins and the party has for dinner. Pargo learns that several of the local farmers are in need of care for their farm animals and gets involved in helping them. There is some disease affecting many of the domesticated animals in the area. Pargo has never seen this disease but thinks he might be able to help the farmers.


Early in the day, a ship called The Modru arrives in town heading toward Lynd. After talking with the Captain, the party convinces him to take them on as working passage since they have proved themselves by surviving their journey through Nuluhama. However, Pargo decides that he is needed in town so he will stay on to help the farmers. He wishes all a safe trip the evening before they sail.


The Modru sets sail at noon. The sea is a little choppy and Mithas and Iana were overcome by the motion and became sick. The party's duties include swabbing the deck, helping the cook with KP, and standing watch.


Early in the morning, the Modru is attacked by 30 sea devils. Aurian and Bartok notice scaly hands grabbing onto the gunwales and they both let out a cry. The party leaps into action to attack the boarders.

Bram pops a piece of fatback into his mouth, gives it a few good chews and spits it out while yelling an incantation. The fat streaks out and hits the gunwales, spreading a slippery surface around the entire ship in seconds. Aurian and Mayre chop at the sea devils with their swords, Quentin sends arrows flying, while Gryffin's flying feet and hands pound the attackers. The bards work their own magic with Bartok singing to inspire the defenders and Duet bringing light to the mainmast to aid in the fight. Wogren sends his owl flying to get a count of the attackers while sending darts of glowing energy out of his left elbow at the sea devils.

The grease keeps most of the sea devils from making it onto the ship. Those that do manage to get over the railing are quickly dealt with in short order. After a few moments of frenzy, the only living sea devils are off the stern of the ship under a magical net cast by Bram. After the battle, the bodies are searched and some treasure found. Captain Wilrow gives 1/2 of the booty to the defenders and thanks them for a job well done.

05/08/2001 - 05/09/2001

The next two day at sea are quite giving the wounded a chance to recover fully from the fight. The Captain keeps a double watch at night to reduce the change of another surprise.


The Modru arrives in Gota around 10:00 AM. The Harbor Master, Lance Walton, tells the party about the heavily damaged ship in port which had been attacked by sea-devils. He is willing to pay a party to go out and deal with them. Captain Wilrow agrees to try and help on the journey back.

Once his ship duties are finished, Quentin goes to buy arrows and learns from Kurt Hummel, the owner of the general store, that he is in need of supplies. He would be happy to buy arrows from Quentin since supplies to town are low. Also, since the town only has a part-time blacksmith, there is a great need for new farm tools to replace worn and broken ones. Quentin agrees to mention this to the Captain.

Wogren and Aurian go off to buy something produced locally and end up buying some polished coral pieces for 10gp each. Wogren thinks they might help with one of his spells. Aurian just things they are lovely.

Several of the party decide to eat and drink in town tonight but to sleep on the ship. They are treated to several performances of the two bards, Duet and Bartok, who are performing in the local bar. The music and change of food make the evening quite enjoyable for all.

Sitting away from the main party at dinner, Aurian meets a local ranger whose name is Ret. He tells her that attacks are getting worse.

After their performance, the two bards are setting drinking their earnings and overhear a drunk in the corner table state loudly that "that crazy old druid" is behind these attacks. The friend tries to calm him but the drunk stands up to make his point louder and ends up passing out. The bards learn that the druid's name is Lim, and that nobody in town likes him. He keeps ranting about "ecology" and "pollution" till nobody pays him any mind.

Talking with the Captain, Quentin learns that The Dolphin had a hold full of Greek-fire. The Captain thinks that it is quite suspicious -- few ships would be willing to ship that much dangerous material. Also, there is rarely that much market for Greek-fire except for war time. Just who were they shipping it for and what was its destination?

Quentin also questions how the sea creatures got their medal weapons unless someone was selling arms to them. Also, the sea devils has used fire attacks on a ship, not the kind of thing that water creatures would naturally use. There are more questions than answers. Wilrow asks Quentin to feel the party out about hiring on as mercenary marines for a mission to deal with the sea devils.


Just after the noon sighting, the Modru departs Gota for Lynd. Quentin and Aurian talk on watch about helping to deal with the sea devil threat to Nun. Aurian agrees to see if the others might be interested in helping. The party is interested so they get word back to the Captain that they are available.


Captain Wilrow invites the party to have lunch with him. At the meal, he invites them to become marines to deal with the sea devil problem. All but Mithas decide to accept his offer. Mithas states that he has had enough of boats and water for a while and he plans to leave the ship when they arrive in Lynd. Wilrow decides to upgrade their positions effective today with a raise in pay. The will have to continue their current duties but will gain some extra privileges.

05/13/2001 - 05/14/2001

The next two more days at sea are quite.


Early in the morning, the Modru arrives at the entrance to the Lynd harbor. Lynd is a very large city and a busy harbor. As the ship approaches the port, a harbor pilot comes aboard to guide the ship into dock. There are already 20 other ships at the dock when the tie up to the pier.

Many of the deck hands begin offloading cargo as the party heads out to explore Lynd. They say goodbye to Mithas as he heads off.

The two bards discover that there are 4 bars within sight of the ship. They decide to play first at a rather seedy place called "The Dive." After their show, which is well received, they are bought drinks by a rather rough looking mercenary named Orin. In conversation with Orin, they learn that the sea devils have been causing more trouble lately and that he has dealt with them in the past. He advises them that the creatures do not like bright light and tend to attack at night or in storms.

Next the bards head over to the "Sea Mist" which is a high class bar. Their act is politely watched by the patrons but tips are not very good. However, their third show at the "Harbor Inn" goes very well and ends up making them much richer.

Meanwhile, Aurian travels to the outskirts of town and discovers another ranger, Tika, in a small country tavern. He tells about Aurian several things of interest. First, the towns of Nun and Gota are very new (only about 20 years old). Also, the last ranger of Nun died last winter of exposure (a very unusual thing for a ranger). The new ranger in Nun is named Jarl. Jarl is good, but somewhat inexperienced and has only be in town since the spring.

When asked about the druid Lim, Tika tells that Lim has been working in that area for many years. A few years back, a farmer in Nun cut down the trees and plowed the druid's grove (a grave offence for a druid). Since then, relations between the towns and Lim have only gone downhill.

Lastly, there is an effort on to build a road from Lynd, through Gota, to Lynd. About a year ago, a team of surveyors were sent to pick the best route but have not been heard from since. It was about then that the attacks on the ships began to get much worse. If all this is connected, the towns of Nun and Gota are in deep danger. Both towns depend heavily on shipping for needed supplies and trade.


The next morning, the bards are dragged from bed to an early morning meeting with Captain Wilrow and the other team members. Through the haze of drink, they recall most of what they learned the prior night with much prodding by the others. Aurian tells her findings and all agree that something must be done.

The Captain asks Bram to examine magical ways to bring the fight to the sea devils. Wogren decides to tag along so he can learn more about this "book magic" that Bram uses. Aurian scouts out the town for information. In the process, she ends up at a Mother of Pearl shop where she learns that a dive shop called "Deep-6" is the provider of these goods. She buys a 50GP item and heads off for Deep-6.

At the Deep-6, Aurian learns that they use helms that will allow about 1 hour of underwater breathing before they have to regenerate for 8 hours. They are willing to sell a used helm for 2500gp or will rent them with a 2500gp deposit and 100gp per week for rental.

Bram and Wogren end up at a shop that sells magical scrolls. There Bram learns that spells are only available in this form. He can purchase the scroll with the 3rd level spell Breathe Water for 375gp. He tells the shop owner that he will have to get authorization to make the purchase and will be back. He patronizingly asks the shop owner if he could examine Wogren's "magical" blue crystal but the shop owner pleads ignorance of "focus items" and suggests that they visit a focus shop down the street.

Bram is aghast and Wogren is overjoyed at the selection of crystals, talismans, rabbit's feet, etc. in the shop. The shop owner, a wispy looking women with a rather airy voice, shows Wogren a number of special items that can help him channel the magical vibrations or focus his inner eye, thus improving his spell casting. Believing that the shop owner is a charlatan, Bram casts Detect Magic and discovers that none of the items for sale is magical. Only the shop owners walking stick has any magical aura. Trying to show Wogren that this shop owner knows nothing, he ask her a technical magical question. The owner just replies that she does not know much about "cookbook magic" and suggests that he visit the lore master two blocks over. A few moments later, a disgusted Bram leaves the shop with a jubilant Wogren who as just purchased a jade tube that is supposed to help him tighten the magical gradient emanating from his center of force.

The bards return to the "Dive" for another good show and a second chat with Orin. Later they go to a rather strange bar, named "The Grind", which does not serve beer! Rather it serves a hot drink made by forcing boiling water through a container of ground, roasted, beans. The resulting liquid is then sweetened with sugar and lightened with cream. Rather than making one mellow and sleepily, this drink makes people wide awake and fidgety. After a few games of speed chess, the bards end up back in their cabin staring at the ceiling above their hammocks till almost daylight before they manage to fall asleep.


Captain Wilrow had ordered a forth ballista which is installed today. Now the ship had two aft and two forward which should help with future battles.

Aurian returns to the Deep-6 and purchases one of the used dive helmets. Iana picks up a number of spell components and some containers to hold captured fireflies. Other members pick up last minute supplies and the ship is loaded with the farming supplies and Quentin's arrows.

Bram returns to the scroll shop and buys the Breathe Water scroll and supplies to begin copying the spell into his spellbook. Wogren watches Bram for a while as he carefully studies the scroll for about an hour and them make a single stroke on the new page. Grinning with pride at the great start to his labor, Bram is confused by the yawn on Wogren's face. Wogren excuses himself as having been up to late the night before and quickly leaves Bram to his work.

Evening means the final act by the bards at the local bars. Since they have been playing for a few days now, they seem to be getting a following. Orin wishes them luck on their adventure. If they ever need him, just leave a message with the bartender and he'll get it.


At noon, the Modru sets sail from Lynd with a cargo of farm tools and other supplies from the small villages of Gota and Nun. Low clouds cover the sky. The winds is up and the waves are choppy as they clear the harbor. The harbor pilot leaves the ship and Captain Wilrow orders the sails set for heavy weather.

Late in the evening while many of the party are on deck watching, a bunch of tentacles grab onto the port railing and begin pulling on the ship. The party leaps into actions with Wogren casting a light spell on the prow of the boat to get a better look at the situation. Within seconds, more tentacles grab onto the starboard railing and the ship heaves back.

Battle quickly ensues with what turns out to be 2 giant squids. Wogren casts a Summon Monster II spell which creates a medium size fiendish shark. The shark gets in several good hits before it disappears. Bran casts Magic Armor on himself as Aurian attacks one of the tentacles and almost cuts it in two.

The ship lurches just a Mayre attacks and her swing goes wide as Gryffin is also thrown off balance as he attempts to stun one of the tentacles. Quentin Tice shoots at the squid with the ballista while Wogren shoots a Magic Missile into the mass of tentacles.

Bram begins to fly off the deck to get a better view of the battle as Aurian chops off 2 tentacles with powerful double attack. Gryffin stuns one of the tentacles while Duet creates Light spell on the mainmast to give a better view of the battle. Iana Baton creates a spiritual hammer and sends it flying toward the squid.

From Bram's vantage point high above the ship, he can tell that there are 2 squids in the water so he fires off a Magic Missile. Again Aurian strikes a powerful blow at the creature on the port side and all the tentacles on that side go limp and slide off the ship. At the same time a crushing blow from one of the starboard side tentacles almost kills Duet.

Mayre leaps to the rescue and slices into the offending tentacle as Duet retreats. Quentin quickly moves to the starboard ballista and fires. Wogren creates another shark as Bram fires a Color Spray which outlines a quaint squid.

Aurian and Mayre each cuts off a tentacle and Gryffin delivers a powerful series of strikes on another tentacle and the creature goes limp and slides off the ship.

In the aftermath of the battle, Iana and Mayre heal the wounded.

05/19/2001 - 05/21/2001

The next few days at sea are quite.


The Modru arrives in Gota in the early morning. After completing ship duties, the party disembarks for a number of errands. Quentin travels to the general store and sells the 1000 arrows to the shop keeper for 35gp. That evening in the pub, the group gathers together to begin planning the next step in their mission.


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