The Last Keeper

Characters: Iana Baton[6], Griffyn[6], Duet Alexander[6], Aurian Stef[6], Mayre Stoutheart[6], Bram[7], Wogren Duval[6], Quentin[6], Bartok[6], Weka[6]

This is a collaborative synopsis of the 26 July 2008 game in the Oceania campaign of the Daleth world.


As the sun just sets behind the trees, you sail into Elftown having destroyed a ship that was following you and surviving a vicious attack by some sea lions. Qweldrik is still alive and all are happy to reach the end of the journey.

Qweldrik has notified the crew that the ship's progress has been monitored by elves in the trees since reaching the archipelago of the elves. As the crew ties up to the dock a procession reaches the waterfront. The procession of elves is being lead by a tall, handsome elf dressed in fine silks of green and silver. He approaches the ship, motions for the rest of the procession to stop, and stands before the gang plank where Qweldrik is standing.

Drawing a scroll from his bag, his musical voice caries across the waterfront:

By order of the High Council of Elves, Qweldrik, son of Myrden, is hereby welcomed back into the Communion of Elves with all rights, duties, and privileges accorded to Elves of Caladon restored and reestablished from this day forward. Any past judgments, bands, or restrictions are hereby declared null and void. Furthermore, Qweldrik, son of Myrden, is hereby restored to any privileges of linage, office, or inheritance in accordance with the Codex of Baradakas, the Wisdom of the Ages, and the Rulings of the High Council of Elves.

Signed this 19th day of the 11th month of the 2001st year of Tia,
--- Larina, Acting Chair, Council of Elves. ---

Rolling up the scroll, he continues:

"Welcome home Qweldrik - it has been too long, my young nephew."

Qweldrik responds, "It is good to be home, Uncle." Qweldrik walks down the gangplank, takes the scroll, and then embraces his uncle.

"My friends, let me introduce you to Eldrin, my uncle.

Weka also walks down the gangplank and embraces Eldrin.

"You've done well my daughter," Says Eldrin.

Party meets Eldrin and they are invited to Eldrin's house for a banquet in Qweldrik's honor. Eldrin is a prominent member the Elf community and in charge of the Elf armed forces. At the party, Eldrin gives all the party members gifts of elfstones to thank them for helping his favorite nephew.

Elfstones are translucent colored stones about the size and shape of an egg with a metal loop affixed to the top often worn on a leather cord around the neck. They give the wearer +1 against attacks (missile, melee, magic saves). They also give off a colored light as bright as a normal touch when held in the hand.

Over dinner, there will be a discussion about Qweldrik's father's ship. He was on exploration mission to the south when the wave hit. There have been no signs of his ship since the wave passed. Other ships at open sea have returned.

Eldrin suggests that Qweldrik might be the only navigator capable of tracking down where his father's ship went and maybe rescuing him. Mydren's only child, Qweldrik is given accesses to his father's charts and nautical notes.

Over the next few days, Qweldrik, who can read his father's coded journal, discovers that his father was searching for Pearl of Wisdom and had received reports from the south. Given the reports and the charts, Qweldrik thinks he knows where to search. Eldrin will offer the use of his best ship (The Clarissa) and crew for the search.

The party spends the next few days to ready themselves for the trip. Quentin buys a set of Elven Chainmail of and Aurian buys a set of Boots of Elvenkind. Bram finds a book written in Elvish that would be roughly translated as Crystals, orbs, wands and staffs: how the mundane can channel the arcane. Bram has it wrapped in brown paper and only brings it out when Wogren is asleep.


The ship sails at sunup and reaches the open sea just as the sun sets. Shortly before midnight, the ship is attacked by 4 sea lions but the creatures are quickly dealt with.


The ship reaches land and sails into a natural harbor. They find sights of wreckage and evidence that Myrden's ship was destroyed here. A landing party leaves for the mainland leaving behind the elf crew and Weka.

Around noon, the party finds a river with a hedge. The party crosses the bridge and finds themselves inside a hedge boarded graveyard. They are attacked by 4 minotaurs but quickly deal with them. Searching the house, the find a small chest containing:

The journal seems to have been written by someone named Pelor. The last page is dated about a month ago and was written in elvish script by a very shaky hand that is hard to read:'

"I am very weak. I sent for someone to relive me but no one has come to replace me. I've had them dig me a grave. I don't know why the new keeper has not come. I don't know what will happen if there is no keeper."

The party follows the path leading from the graveyard down into a valley and into a swamp.


After midnight, they fight 6 trolls. After a long and furious battle, they manage to kill them all and burn the bodies so the stop regenerating.


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