Not the Bosun!

Characters: Iana Baton[6], Griffyn[6], Duet Alexander[6], Aurian Stef[6], Mayre Stoutheart[6], Bram[7], Wogren Duval[6], Quentin[6], Bartok[6], Weka[6]

This is a collaborative synopsis of the 29 June 2008 game in the Oceania campaign of the Daleth world.


Last time you uncovered a plot on the life of Qweldrik. Early in the morning, the ship arrives in Gota. Lance Walton, the harbor master, greets the party at the newly repaired dock.

Upon seeing the elf ship, Lance remarks that having 3 elf ship dockings in a week is quite a treat for this little town (the party's ship twice and that other ship). The other ship was a smaller ship with just a handful of hands on board. The captain asked about Weka's ship, visited the pub, and then left within an hour or two.

The Sand Bar is the local inn run by a gruffly old salt named Gus. Wogren asks Gus about the elf visitor and learns that he was no-nonsense person, had a elf rune earring in his left year, and tattoo in the back of both hands (see drawing)


The party spends the night on the ship and sails in the morning after checking the entire ship and crew for evil and unexplained magic. Qweldrik is at the wheel with Iana by his side the entire journey as guard.

Sometime after dark the party is attacked by sea creatures being towed by 2 large whales. The creatures attempt to board the ship but are thwarted by a flurry of attacks. Iana kills one with Searing Light. Wogren summons Fiendish Sharks which attack several. Bram kills 5 of the creatures with a Lighting Bolt. Mayre, Clovis, Griffyn, and Aurian go hand-to-hand with the boarders while Duet Inspires Courage. Quentin and Weka kill several with arrows.

After the battle, Iana suggest that they check for evil/magic again and discovered evil presence outside the hull near the crew quarters. Bram casts Arcane Eye to see what is outside the ship as Iana cancels any invisibility. Bram see's the Bosun hanging from the anchor. The Bosun notices that he is visible and drops from the anchor into the sea quickly getting outside the invisibility canceling spell range. Bram then uses the Arcane Eye to look down from above; he sees what might be a second wake concealed within the ship's wake.

To gather more information, they decide to send Griffyn (who speaks Elvish) on a reconnaissance mission. Bram casts Invisibility and Fly on Griffyn so he can go back and try to discover if there is a ship following them, and hopefully to listen in on any conversations taking place aboard. Bram warns Griffyn not do anything -- only to see what is up and return.

Griffyn returns and relates what he saw:

"So, I was flying, and then there was this wooshing, like a boat, but not our boat, and then bam! There it was. A boat. It was kinda shifty, though, like a weird boat. And what do you know, as soon as I get there, they pull the Bosun out of the water. But he's not the Bosun, of course, and as soon as he gets out of the water, he stops not being the Bosun. Now he's some other Elf -- not the Bosun -- with the flame things on his hands, so I guess he's the guy who was in Gota.
"Oh, and the boat had another boat on it (the second boat being smaller), that was shifty, too, like it almost wasn't there. But, of course, it was there and I knew it was because I could sort of see it. So maybe it was sort of there. But it looked like it could be just like the big boat but smaller, and probably go around on water just like the big boat, you know?
"But anyways, the not-Bosun was all huffy and talking about how his magic stopped working for some reason and he had to bail, which we already knew. And his crew was all "Whatever you say, boss." But they looked like pretty mondo tough guys, like I wouldn't want to take one by myself. And they had weapons everywhere, just laying around. You know, like 'Man, look at that whale in the water, I think I'll grab this harpoon I have laying around and kill him with it.'
"And I had already been thinking that I could probably just go ahead and sink the ship and save you guys the trouble, but some spell Bram cast on me made him keep talking in my head and telling me not to. I was just gonna fly and grab the rudder or something, or maybe just punch a hole in the ship, but he kept saying 'No, that's a bad idea, what would your mother think?' But, of course, Bram didn't know that I don't know what my mom would think seeing as how I never even really knew her. But how was he supposed to know that?
"But anyways, so not-the-Bosun was just all wet and he probably went to go change. But just before he left and I started to come back, he turns and says, get this: 'Cronhra etran igwenadu dataiya.' Scary, huh?
"What? Oh, right. It means, uh. Well, it's kind of like when you attack someone that doesn't know you're there... yeah, ambush. He's gonna have to ambush us again, but different. He might mean a different time, but the funny inflection on "etran" I think means he's gonna do it somewhere else, too. Because, see, time is a place. Like, where we are right now is a place, but now we're in a different place, and now..."

Bram just shakes his head and walks away.


After hours planning, the party comes on a plan and Bram rests and recharges his spells for the attack on the ship. Just before dawn:

Bram and Wogren "nuke the ship from orbit". They drop the darkness rocks and flasks of oil on the ship. In answer a horn blows on the ship ad Bram casts a Fireball.

Then Wogren summons Hell Hound on the ship as Bram casts another Fireball. Again the horn answers.

Wogren summons another Hell Hound on the ship as Bram casts a third Fireball. The answering horn stops in mid blow.

Bram and Wogren fly back to their ship which is turning back toward the enemy ship. After letting the fire burn itself out, they examine the remains of this ship. There are a few bones on the ship but no signs of evil. It seems that the small boat on the ship is also missing.

The sun rises and the party's ship sails throughout the day with no problems.


Around 3 in the morning, as the ship passes a small island not on the charts, the ship is attacked by 3 Sea Lions. A furious battle ensures with Mayre, Clovis, Aurian, and Wogren all being wounded. The party manages to kill the creatures which have a nasty habit of trying to disembowel the party!


At sunup, the ship reaches the archipelago of the elves. By sundown, they reach Elftown.


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