The Bosun's Gambit

Characters: Iana Baton[6], Griffyn[6], Duet Alexander[6], Aurian Stef[6], Mayre Stoutheart[6], Bram[7], Wogren Duval[6], Quentin[6], Bartok[6], Weka[6]

This is a collaborative synopsis of the 1 June 2008 game in the Oceania campaign of the Daleth world.


It is evening and the party is sitting in the Rusty Anchor, having finished with the work on repairing the harbor. Most of the crew has already found other ships, so only Wilrow, Qweldrik, and the party remain in Nun. Bess has just cleared the dinner plates and Nate has brought another round of mead when the door to the common room opens.

An elf named Weka enters, walks over to Qweldrik, and says, "Qweldrik, I've been sent by the Elf council to bring you back to the capital city. Your father, our council leader, is missing. He was at sea when the wave struck and there have been no signs of the ship. The council has also agreed to lift your ban if you will return and assist in the recovery. I've also been given authority to invite your friends to come along and help -- they will be rewarded for their assistance. Please come, your people need you."

After some soul searching, Qweldrik agrees and asks the party to come along. Wilrow is first to agree and quickly the others in the party join in with their agreement. Weka thanks Qweldrik and says that their ship will sail in the morning. The party discusses the upcoming journey throughout the rest of the evening.

Sometime later, another man walks in, says hello to Nate, and drops into an empty seat at a corner table. Nate brings over a loaf of bread and a tankard of mead. "How's it going, Pargo?" says Nate.

"Tired and thirsty," Pargo replies. Tearing off a bit of bread, he lifts the cover to his haversack and slips the morsel to a ferret nestled in his bag. "Lots of work to do get nature back on track after that wave. How are things going here in town?"

"Things are almost back to normal," says Nate. Gesturing over his shoulder, Nate says "Thanks to this lot, the harbor's ready for business. And 'bout time, I'm running short on supplies. I'll be good to have regular shipping again."

Nate heads off to the kitchen saying "I'll get your regular dinner started."

Recognizing some of the party members, Pargo stands and walks over to the party, greeting some old friends and making a few new ones. In the conversation that follows, Wogren asks if Pargo has seen any wreckage from elf ships. Pargo has seen lots of wreckage washed up but nothing that looks elf-made.

Pargo joins the party and eats his dinner, catching up on the news from the wider world. After a final mug, Pargo bids the party farewell, tucks Jindra back in the haversack, and heads out into the night. Slowly the rest of the party members begin to make their way back to bed for what promises to be an exciting adventure.


The next day opens clear and breezy as the elf ship heads out into the open ocean. The ship is a little smaller than the Modru, but seems well put together and is efficiently run by the all-elf crew. The sailors among the party marvel at the little differences between human and elf ships. The knots are different; the rigging is different; even the way the ship cuts through the water is different.

The sun beats down on the ship, but the sea breeze keeps everyone comfortable. All in all, it is a fine day for sailing.

As night begins to settle, the party enjoys their evening meal before settling in to the forecastle for sleep. After some bedtime music from the bard, the party settles in for a good night sleep.


Sometime after midnight, the party is awoken by a commotion on deck. They hear scuffling and the sound of steel against flesh. The party leaps to action, with Wogren leading the charge out the door onto the deck.

Wogren fires a volley of Magic Missiles as Aurian hits the nearest Sea Devil sending it back into the water. Griffyn and Weka leap into action as Duet casts Inspire Courage to improve morale. Mayre strides forth with her holy sword, killing another as Bram casts Mage Armor on himself. Iana begins healing the elves that were already taking damage as Quentin and Clovis move out to engage more of the ememy.

Understanding, from Danae's hoots, that more creatures are still in the water, Wogren summons 3 fiendish sharks to aid with the battle. There is a flurry of blows and arrows until 4 large tentacles grab the starboard side of the ship, causing the ship to lurch hard. There is a yell from the bridge and a splash aft of the ship as the battle intensifies. Bram casts a Fly spell and soars above the battle to get a good vantage point for spell casting. Mayre and Aurian swing at tentacles as Weka, Gryffyn and Quentin go after the sea devils.

When Danae hoots of more two new friends, Wogren rushes to the other side to summon more sharks as 4 more tentacles grab the port side. On her way to heal 2 fallen elves, Iana is not able to keep her footing and is tossed from the ship. Duet tosses Iana a nearby life float and Iana is able to pull herself back to the ship. As the battle rages on, Bram fires off a few Magic Missiles and then moves back to see who fell off the ship. As Weka pursues a sea devil up the aft stairs, she is almost hit by a stray arrow from Quentin. Luckily the next arrow kills that same sea devil.

As the battle winds down, Bram reaches the overboard man only to find that he is dead and sharks have already begun to nibble on him! Grabbing hold of the man, he begins flying back toward the ship as Qweldrik climbs onto the empty bridge and swings the rudder hard to starboard to go back and pick up the overboard man. Iana, back on the deck, rushes to the 2 down elves. One is past her healing but she can restore the other fully.

Once the body is back on board, they discover that the two dead are the Captain, who fell overboard, and First Mate. Bram is worried that the head wound on the Captain looks too much like a weapon hit and that the body feels too cold for having just fallen in the water. Iana assesses the condition of the two bodies and feels that the Captain has been dead for an hour or 2 and she is also detecting poison in the First Mate's blood. There is a murder on board.

Not sure who to trust, Bram calls a conference of the party minus Qweldrik, Wilrow and Weka to discuss their options. After informing Qweldrik, he vouches for Weka, who is his cousin. However, they are not sure who in the crew might be trustworthy, so they decide to be very careful but not let on that they suspect anything.

Having decided that the bard could do a Detect Thoughts on the crew under the guise of a memorial for the fallen, they discover that the Bosun is now missing as well. A thorough search of the deck and below yields nothing but a trace of blood in the bilge water. Suspecting that the Bosun has been killed as well, they continue with their Detect Thoughts plan but find no evil thoughts among the crew.

Danae is sent up high to see what she can find and she notices someone "sleeping" in the crow's nest. Quentin climbs to the crow's nest and finds the body of the Bosun. He smells like he has been dead for some time. Qweldrik orders some men to bring down the body.

Mayre and Wogren decide to do Detect Evil and Detect Magic all over the ship. They discover something in the Captain's chambers on his bed. Bram casts a Web spell over the bed and Iana casts Dispel Invisibility but they are not sure if they have captured anybody. Mayre, Aurian and Griffyn enter the room to investigate. As she is probing the bed with her sword, Mayre disturbs a metal spider that rushes up the sword toward her. Aurian hits it once, Griffyn tries to grab it but misses. Finally, Aurian slices it off Mayre's shoulder as it tries to sink its fangs into her neck. The broken spider clatters to the floor with liquid glinting from its exposed fangs and leg joints.

After the near-fatal encounter with the spider, Mayre and Wogren continue the survey of the ship, but find nothing. The rest of the journey to Gota goes without incident.


The ship pulls into the newly repaired docks as the sun clears the horizon.


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