The Tides of Destiny

Characters: Iana Baton[6], Griffyn[6], Duet Alexander[6], Aurian Stef[6], Mayre Stoutheart[6], Bram[7], Wogren Duval[6], Quentin[6], Bartok[6]

This is a collaborative synopsis of the 15 July 2007 game in the Oceania campaign of the Daleth world.


The Modru II and her crew set sail for Lynd, to undergo an extensive overhaul and upgrade of the ship. During the month in dryfit, the party stay in Lynd and spend a good deal of time figuring out the abilities of the various pieces of magical items they've accrued during the last adventure.

Initially, Bram attempts to learn to Identify items from a scroll he purchased in town, but becomes frustrated with the "poor penmanship and documentation," and instead uses a number of scrolls to identify the various items. There are a few magical swords and shields with conventional magical bonuses, but when Bram attempts to identify a pair of gloves, he simply gets a flash of Gryffin snatching an arrow shot at him out of the air. He convinces the monk to try them on and allow himself to be shot at. When he goes to perform the familiar motion of swatting the arrow out of the air, he finds he instead grasps it and takes it in his hand. It then becomes clear that, on the hands of a dexterous user, these gloves allow for nearly effortless snatching of arrows shot at the wearer. Another mystery are a number of flasks recovered that seem to be more or less identical. After Iana determines none are poison, Wogren sips from one, and lets off a small burp of flame!

With the task of identifying and dividing the treasure complete, the party settles in to wait for Wilrow to be ready to set sail again.


Mysteriously, all of the party's magic items begin to flash in a rhythmic pattern a little faster that once per second. This flashing continues for almost 2 days and is not limited to the party's magic either. Nobody they party talks with can explain the flashing. After the flashing ends, there seems to have been no lasting effect so the party soon loses interest in determining the cause.


Wilrow, quite satisfied with his new rudder and sails, loads up his hold with a cargo of goods for Angor, a port town some distance to the East. The party joins him and they set sail.


The Modru II makes a quick stop off in Gota to drop off some goods and pick up a few passengers for Nun


The Modru II drops off the passengers in Nun and continues west.


Wilrow turns in after another fine day of sailing leaving Third-Mate Tiler in charge.


However, well after midnight, each person on the ship is awakened by the ship being upside down. With the party stuck in the forecastle, their quarters, they fumble about, wondering what to do. Iana points out that the ship actually flipped lengthwise, end over end, instead of rolling over to capsize.

However, luckily for the party, before they come to any real plan of action, the they are tossed about and the ship is righted. Sprinting on deck, and finding the ship devastated, as well as realizing that more such waves are coming, the party goes in to action to prepare to abandon ship. Quentin sprints below deck and deputizes a few crewmen to aid him in acquiring some supplies while Aurian and Clovis find the one intact longboat and prepare it for launch. Gryffin, Iana, and Wogren, seeing the aftcastle, the officer's quarters, partially crushed, rush rearward and wrench open the door. The second mate, Queldrik, and Wilrow come out, the last of whom is not breathing. Iana quickly administers some healing, and he revives, but only weakly.

Wogren reports that Dani has informed him that there are a number of "pretty lines" in the ocean, and more heading towards them. Queldrik and Gryffin dash to the rear of the boat and look out at the oncoming wave, which seems none too far. The ship is rapidly evacuated into the longboat, with some members of the crew having to hold on the sides for lack of room. After riding one huge wave, and capsizing on a second, the boat makes it to land and the party, along with the officers and crewmen, head inland to avoid the further waves. With morning approaching, the crew post watches and attempt once more to get a night's rest.

In the mid-afternoon, the watchers spot a stream of flying insectoid creatures flying towards the camp. After rousing the crew, there are only moments before the swarm arrives. Gryffin, much to the chagrin of the rest of the party, dashes over to the still-disabled Catpain Wilrow and places his magical dagger of Darkness in the ground, shrouding the area in pitch black. At the other end of the camp, Bram and Wogren fire a volley of Fireballs at the oncoming swarm and drastically reduce their numbers, reducing many to charred husks.

However, some of the things do make it to the camp, and begin attacking the weaker enlisted crew members. The waspish mosquito-like creatures have a two-foot wingspan and one giant singer-like appendage that they stab into the men and begin sapping their blood with. Quentin begins knocking the out of the air left and right as Bram and Wogren plug the ones that have already attached themselves to crewmen with Magic Missiles; the rest of the party do likewise with mundane means.

Though the crew suffers a few dire wounds, including a sting to Iana herself, they defeat the bugs and recieve healing from the party, almost tapping out their reserves.


The following day, using weapons as tools, the survivors assemble a bamboo outrigger to attach to the longboat that will give it some stability and increased carrying capacity. Once this is attached, they set out down the coast, to return to Nun. In doing so, certain members of the party, such as Iana and Gryffin are reminded all too strongly of their last such adventure here, where they were similarly shipwrecked in this area.


In time, the crew make it to the small fishing village of Nun, which was almost demolished by the huge waves. Find the harbor there fared little better than the Modru II, they offer their services in helping to rebuild the port, and contemplate the future. Wilrow, whose entire investment was in his ship, is left with almost nothing, and the party, united in their service to him, now have choices to make about how each wishes to proceed.


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