They Might be Giants

Characters: Iana Baton[6], Griffyn[6], Duet Alexander[6], Aurian Stef[6], Mayre Stoutheart[6], Bram[7], Wogren Duval[6], Quentin[6], Bartok[6]

This is a collaborative synopsis of the 5 February 2006 game in the Oceania campaign of the Daleth world.


Based on the battle the night before, party discusses some standard tactical plans. Bram suggests a multi-phase attack strategy: first Quentin and the spellcasters can attack from a distance, protected by the fighters, and then the fighters can close for hand-to-hand combat. In particular Bram wants to be sure he has an opportunity to cast spells that affect large areas (such as Fireball) without endangering members of the party. The party agrees, and Quentin suggests that Bram take the role of tactical leader during battles.

Meanwhile, storm clouds gather below the party. There is some discussion about whether to attempt to find the hobgoblins' command post or to go to the location where the river was diverted. Eventually, however, the lighting below makes it impossible to descend. Wogren sends Danae out looking for the Druid but Danae does not see anyone. The clouds continue to rise up closer to the party so they decide to head back to the fork and go up higher in the mountain and look at the diverted river. They feel some misgivings about the possibility that they are being herded in this direction, but there seems to be no alternative.

After climbing most of the day, the party reaches the place where the river is diverted. It looks like a crude dirt dam was built to divert the river to the other side of the mountain slope. As the party is examining what it would take to breach the dam, a large splash showers the party with cold mountain water.

The party looks up the mountain and sees 4 giant creatures heading toward them. The Hill Giants advance on the party tossing 40-50 pound boulders at the party. A savage battle ensues, and the first opportunity to test the effectiveness of the party's tactical planning.

Quentin attempts to fire at the attacking hill giants but the arrows bounce off their tough hides. Bram, protected by Mayre, casts a Fireball which singes the giants but they continue their charge almost unaffected. Wogren casts at Summon Monster to create a hell hound as 4 more boulders land among the party wounding Quentin and Wogren.

Aurian and Griffyn charge forward and Quentin fires another arrow that had no effect. Iana heals Quentin as he shoots and Wogren retreats to be healed. Seeing the effect to the rocks, Bran decides to cast Mage Armor on himself instead of the Lighting Bolt he had planned. As the party reels from the first blow, the summoned hell hound charges forward and attacks one of the giants with its fire breath. One giant attacks the hell hound almost killing it. The 3 other giants toss boulders that hit Griffyn and Aurian inflicting major damage.

Aurian draws first blood with her sword as Quentin finally gets his range and make 2 hits with his bow. Iana continues healing the wounded and Bram fires a Lightning Bolt that hits 2 of the giants. Wogren summons another hell hound which charges at the giants. As Griffyn closes for his attack is hit by the giants club which makes his attack miss. Mayre is struck by another boulder and Aurian takes a savage hit from one of the giant's club.

Aurian dizzy from blood loss backs off for healing as Quentin strikes with 2 more arrows. The hell hounds continue to harass the giants taking the giant's attention from the party. Duet casts Fascinate which effects 2 of the giants making them stop attacking to listen to her singing. At the same time, Griffyn stuns another of the giants. As the remaining giant passes Griffyn he manages to stun that giant as well. From the healing area, Wogren summons a third hell hound.

After another healing spell, Aurian charges back into the battle dropping a quiver of arrows for Quentin has she passes him. Quentin strikes with 3 arrows and Duet casts "Suggest" on one of the fascinated giants that he is thirsty so he wanders over to the river to drink. Bram and Wogren fire a volley of Magic Missiles as Mayre closes for hand to hand battle. One of the giants kills the first hell hound.

Aurian and Mayre gang up on one of the giants killing it. Bram and Wogren fire off another volley of Magic Missiles as the hell hounds continue their attack. The battle having turned in favor of the party, the remaining giants are slain after a few more rounds of fighting.

Bloody and winded, the party search the bodies but find nothing. After more healing and searching the area, the party finds the giantís cave a little higher up the slope. They camp for the night nearby, resting, healing, and recovering spells. Bram begins to feel that additional tactical planning might be required to address different kinds of enemies; their usual approach, effective against large groups of relatively weak opponents, does not seem to have been as effective in this case.


In the morning, the party notices that the storm clouds have continued to creep up the mountain, but instead of thunder and lighting, it looks like the storm has turned to snow. After an hour or so of hard work, the party manages to make a small breach in the dam and leave the river to erode the dam away before heading up the mountain before the mounting snow becomes dangerous. After a few hours of hard climbing, they return to more normal weather; but the ominous feeling continues that they are being herded toward something or someone.


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