Characters: Iana Baton[3], Griffyn[3], Duet Maxwell[3], Mithas[3], Pargo Rel[3], Aurian Stef[3], Mayre Stoutheart[3]


About 2 weeks into their journey, passengers on the ship named The Dolphin have settled into their bunks for the night. Two state rooms holding 7 strangers who have booked passage from from Sorgen to Lynd for various reasons. Some are looking for a new home, some looking to get away from their past, some are just looking.

The peace of the night is suddenly shattered when there is a deafening crunch and the ship comes to an abrupt halt. Many are thrown from their bunks and many lanterns go flying and blink out. In a few staterooms, the flash of flint and steel brings light to the severely listing angle that the ship now rests. Passengers scramble to collect their belongings as the angle continues to get steeper. A group of seven passengers get to the top deck just to be directed to a waiting lifeboat. With a crewman already in the lifeboat, the vessel is lowered into the water. All hands take to the oars as the crewman directs the small boat away from the ship into the deep fog that engulfs everything.

Only now can the passengers see what has happened. The ship is hit a large rock that must have been hidden in the fog till too late. They can see people scrambling on deck as more boats are readied. Then a cleric on the right side of the boat notices some flashes coming from the hold of the ship. There is a great flurry of activity on the ship with more flashes. Taro, the crewman on the lifeboat exclaims, "The cargo of Greek fire is about to blow! Row!"

Within a few seconds, there is a great explosion and the ship is blown apart. Pieces of the ship narrowly miss the lifeboat and several people get splashed with salt water. After things settle, Taro directs the lifeboat back looking for survivors but none are found.


In the early morning hours, the lifeboat reaches a safe beach and the passengers go ashore. After drying off and assessing their situation, the group introduce themselves since they will be spending some time together.

The crewman's name is Taro. Taro was an ensign in on The Dolphin whose duties were to plot the course, assist the captain, and direct one of the lifeboats. He had been on The Dolphin for about 6 months now. Iana Baton, a human female, introduces herself as a cleric of Impol. A quite elf in simple robes named Griffyn introduced himself as one who can help defend the group. Even though he is not heavily armed, he moves as one who seems to complete control of his hands and feet. Next is a brightly dressed elven performer named Duet Maxwell whose voice seems to be singing even when she is talking. Mithas, a tall man with red hair and green eyes, states that he is a wizard but also loves to learn and know quite a bit about many different things. Pargo Rel along with his pet ferret, Jendra, is a druid who offers his assistance if the party encounters hostile animals. Aurian Stef, a rugged looking female human dressed in earth tones, introduces herself as a hunter. The final passenger is Mayre Stoutheart, a paladin.

Taro notices what looks like a squall line heading toward them and suggest they party stay camped till the weather gets better. However, he warns them that this is a dangerous place to stay too long. This area is populated with dangerous native tribes that do not like strangers. Also, there are a number of wild animals so they will need to set watches and should avoid using a fire.

Pargo and Aurin decide to do a little hunting before the storm hits. The rest of the party constructs a shelter using a tarp from the boat. By the time the hunters return with fruits and tubers, the storm is on them. The shelter keeps the party mostly dry.


The storm rages through the night and through most of the next day. By sunset, the rain has mostly stopped and the wind is dropping off a bit. During the night the clouds clear and the wind returns to normal.


Figuring they have about 10 days ahead of them, Taro is anxious to get started. They make good progress rowing parallel to the shore just outside the breakers till shortly before dusk. The hunters again find some food. While looking for berries, Aurin suddenly notices a broken wooden mask lying in the mud. She picks it up to examine it. While the two are examining the mask, the first notice the sound of drums in the distance. They decide to cut their hunting short and return to camp as quickly and quietly as they can. When they return, the rest of the party has already noticed the sound. Taro recognizes the mask as one made by the Mudibo tribe, a particularly dangerous group of headhunters.


Sometime well after midnight, the sound of the drums suddenly stops. The silence seems even more ominous then the drums and Duet and Mayre, who were on watch, decide to wake Taro and Mithas. Both think the silence is ominous and Taro is in mid sentence when he suddenly slaps his hand to the back of his neck and falls over dead!.

Sticking out of his neck is a long thin dart. Ciaos erupts in the party as people are awaken and more darts fly overhead. One sticks in the mace of Iana who almost faints at the sight. Mithas begins to recite some arcane words and several torches spring into existence in mid air and begin floating toward the jungle. The natives having lost the cover of darkness, decide to charge with their machetes drawn.

Aurian, Mayre, Iana, and Griffyn spring to form a front line with Pargo, Duet, and Mithas behind. The front line takes the full blunt of the 15 charging natives but holds inflicting heavy damage. Pargo conjures a flaming ball that rolls down the line of natives burning them, Mithas blasts one native with glowing darts to the chest, and Duet dazes another native with her singing and mandolin playing. Aurian wades in with two axes flying, Mayre's long sword bites into natives left and right, and Griffyn's flying fists stun and kill several natives.

After a short but frantic battle, the natives lay dead around the party. Several party members are wounded in the fray and must be healed by the divine touch of Mayre and the healing powers of Impol called forth by Iana. The party decides to leave the area before dawn in case more natives are in the area. The bury Taro at sea after a short service lead by Iana and Mayre.

There is a heated discussion about whether they should travel trough the night but the eventually decide that it is more dangerous to hit a rock than to be attacked. After all, the party did quite well. The powers and skills seemed to dovetail together quite nicely. This group of strangers were beginning to act as a team.


They wake early and get to sea after a restless night. There were no drums at their new campsite but few slept well with the memory of the prior night so fresh. Each day, the mountain seem to be getting smaller and the band of jungle and forest between the sea and the mountain wider. They could only hope that they were leaving the area of the Mudibo.


On their 10th day at sea, the party sees a small fishing boat in the distance. They cautiously approach and discover that the fisherman are friendly and invite the party to their village to spend the night. The party dines on fish and local fruits and vegetables. They are treated with respect and awe for having survived the encounter with the Mudibo tribe.


After 2 more days, the party arrives in the small port city of Nun. Although not their initial destination, the party is happy to have returned to 'civilization'. After reciting their story to the harbormaster, they find rooms in the local inn. By evening, their story has spread throughout the town and they can't buy themselves a drink in the local bar. The town seems to treat them as a band of heroes returning from a great adventure.

This group of strangers left Caliban about a month ago each looking for something different. After the shipwreck, they banded together to find food and water, survive the elements, and battle hostile natives. In the process, friendships were forged and trust was developed. Together they accomplished what none of them could have done alone. Perhaps in their journey, they found more then they were looking for. They found themselves.


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