One Step Behind

Characters: Pierre[4], Remo[5], Ginger[4], Ailon[5], Simon[4], Vicar Horace[4], Tol[4], Jortan[4], Candara[4]

The party races across Geldall after Luna. They decide to travel as traveling merchants bringing food stuffs into Caliban (grain, flour, etc.)

They reach the boarder and talk with the guard that noticed her cross. From the guard's description, Luna was in a kind of "disguise" -- she was traveling as a blacksmith.

The party enters into Caliban looking for her hiding Kez in under a blanked in their wagon. They stop at several inns along the way and find evidence that Luna has been there before them. She has a wagon and had been heading towards the mountains. They make for the mountains stopping in Ragnar where by N'tall's cousin, B'jan, lives.

He says Luna had left his house just 2 nights before. She seemed a little restless and only spent the night. Several times during dinner she had asked how far it was to the mountains. She also seemed a little distant (but then, when didn't she) and she could be heard murmuring to herself from time to time.

She asked if a wheelwright in town -- one of her wagon wheels was causing her problems and she wanted it fixed. The cousin took her to the wheelwright the next morning and Luna bought a new wheel. It was not exactly the same size but they had managed to get it to work.

B'jan also surprises the party when he starts speaking Dwarvish to Kez. It seems that he has lived in the mountains for years and learned to speak with the local Dwarves. They stay out of sight but can be approached if you know how.

As they leave, the party is able to follow the wagon tracks (being unique with 3 wheels of one kind and 1 of another). They follow the tracks into the mountains. The tracks lead all the way to K'tala's castle.

While discussing what to do about this, they notice that a party is getting ready to leave the castle for Jasper. Then they notice that Pierre is among them!

After getting into town, Simon confronts Pierre about what he is doing. Pierre states that while the party was away in Geldall, K'tala's mine makes a major strike of oar. After a few weeks of heavy mining, the strike must have run out because many of the minors were let go over the next few days. At first it seems like a response to the strike playing out but after about a week, Pierre is approached with an offer to work on a special assignment. It will involve a temporary move but will pay very well. As always, the nature of the work must remain secret. He is strongly encouraged to take the work. It is hinted that they don't need as many engineers in the mines these days.

The job is was in K'tala's keep helping him with his 'project'. The specific work is separate enough from the final results that Pierre can't be sure just what he is doing.

The party figures that they must take advantage of Pierre's position inside the keep to rescue Luna. That is assuming that Pierre is telling the truth and not working for K'tala!


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