The Dwarf

Characters: Remo[5], Ginger[4], Ailon[5], Simon[4], Vicar Horace[4], Tol[4], Jortan[4], Candara[4]

The party gained a level at the beginning of the game.

The party must find Remo, who they learn is working in a local hospital. When he hears of the journey, he reluctantly agrees to go along.

The party must get to Kent to find Luna but they can't go through Caliban due to events in Simon's past. They are also concerned about traveling under the eye of K'tala so they will take the northern route. The only other pass is at the Gap of Azul about 100 miles to the north. These days, few people go that way and the way is perilous.

On June 8th, the party sets out heading north. On the second night, they are attacked by 6 Ogres. They manage to kill 4 of them but 2 of them flee back into the mountains.

They arrive in Dira, a small town near the Gap of Azul, on June 13. In Dira, they stay at "The Inn" run by Ed and Martha. They learn that a friend of theirs, Chralie, has been in the gap. Charlie can also sell them horces and by their camels since he runs the general store in town.

Along the way through the gap, they stumble upon a band of orcs who are attacking someone. The orcs decide to attack the party as well. After the battle, the party finds that the orcs were attacking a dwarf. He has been hurt quite badly by the orcs. He will die without healing and it will take some time before he is able to fend for himself again.

The dwarf does not speak Common. [He is from farther north. He was outcast by his tribe because he sees visions. He has been wandering in the mountains, afraid of humans - The party are the first he has ever met]. Name is Kez. Kez is young by Dwarven standards (about 40) and quite gentle by nature. He, on occasion, will speak in tongues about the great evil coming. He is a quick learner and will pick up their language over time. In a fevered he speaks, "Er tot dagad e? Dagad ot, dagad ot, dagad ot!" He then passes out.

After waking, he is scared.

"On tot dakar e?" he asks. He then goes on and gestures to the orcs and asks "Dakar dez dagad zejdad karak e?"

Pointing at Simon's water skin he says, "Dagad don gadduj ak dozar"

After much gesturing and pointing, the party tries to ask "Who are you?". He replys "Dagad tot Kez" and points at himself and repeats "Kez" pointing to himself.

He is too weak to be left but will travel with the party.

Over the next few days, the party figures out that he is afraid of humans and is some kind of outcast. While setting around the fire one night, Kez goes into some kind of trances, his eyes roll back into his head and he speaks, in common, "Only she who wealds the Maul of Dwalin with the Anvil of Al-Rashid can stop the great evil." He then 'snaps out' of the trance and is curious why everyone is looking at them.

After crossing the gap, the party reaches the border of Geldal. The border is guarded but the party may enter. Travel within Geldal is much different from before. The are still signs of both the dragon and the war but the economy is back on its feet. The inns are open and eager for business.

Upon reaching Kent, they go to the palace and ask to speak with Queen Fiora. The Queen agrees to see the party since Remo and Ailon are with them. She tells the party that Luna has disappeared. She packed her things and left about a month ago - just after the lights in the sky began to fall. Those who saw her leave, said she had a strange look in her eye and did not seem quite herself.

The Queen sent guards to look for her but she has not been found. Word came just the day before the party arrived that that someone matching Luna's description cross the border into Caliban about a week ago.

The Queen's adviser, Darmek, tells the party that the stars bode evil times ahead. "With Luna, the hammer, and the anvil missing, these signs take on added significance. The hammer and anvil were used to forge a weapon against the dragon that was not their first use. Ancient legends state that the hammer was stolen from Dwalin by his twin Al-Rashid. The hammer and Al-Rashid's magic anvil were sent to earth so that a great mage could create an army of golems and take over the world.

"The only thing that the mage needed to fulfill his task was a supply of mithril. Being overzealous, he pulled down a great chuck of it from the sky and it destroyed his nation and himself. However, the legends foretell of his return in a new form to complete his job. These same legends speak of one who can stop the evil the second time. I think Luna is that person. She must be found at all costs!"

"We know that K'tala stole the anvil once before and tried to take the hammer from Luna. I fear the he is the great evil. I am worried that he may be drawing Luna to him. I found a sheet from her diary that had fallen behind the bed in Luna's quarters. It said:

May 22, 2001

I think that people are starting to think I am crazy. I know I have been acting a little strange lately. I feel like I can't sit still. I could not even sit through that concert the other night - just had to go get a breath of fresh air.

Sometimes I feel that I should be going somewhere or that something important needs to be done and I can't remember what it is. I've been stuck in the castle too long. I think I need a vacation.

Maybe seeing the mountains again will cure this. Just last night I dreamed of those mountains we visited last year. I can still remember how lovely those snow capped mountains were at sunset. How dark blue the sky was and how that cool brisk air woke me up in the mornings.

I feel so restless. I think I will go. I'll go tomorrow. Nobody will miss me.

"If I'm guessing right, she is being drawn toward K'tala and doesn't even know it. You must catch her before she gets there. Before it is too late."


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