If I Had A Hammer

Characters: Pierre[3], Ginger[3], Bayleen[3], Simon[3], Vicar Horace[3], Tol[3], Jortan[3], Candara[3]

Horace meets a fellow follower named Morag who overhears Horace preaching. Morag, an old Friar of Horace's order, tells Horace of his past success in gaining converts by having tent revivals. He is now retired but would be happy to help Horace get started.

Simon learned that Pablo has sent several groups of guards have been sent to guard search parties in to the desert this week.

Pierre learned that there are fewer miners in the mines this week. Several workers have been sent on special missions over the past few days out of town.

Bayleen found work at the Jatatob and does not intend to be involved with the party any more.

Candara discovers an old text that gives a prophecy about the return of the great evil. The text reads:

The omen of fear, foretells the day,

when the stars will fall, both night and day.

The omen of fear, foretells the day,

when the stars will fall, both night and day.

Like days of yore the plagues then will fall,

wasting the land and death to us all.

One then will rise in terror once more,

and start his plan for pillaging war.

Life to the lifeless the one will bring,

an army of foes that fears no sling.

No sword can harm them, no knife can pierce

punches won’t hurt no matter how fierce

All powers fail to stop him again

save she who wields the Maul of Dwalin.

Weapons of might she can forge anew

Look to the east to find her venue.

Only with her help can hope live on

in Jasper township the war is won.

Ginger learns that Priestess Mina, the new leader of the Jasper church for Dwalin, has called a meeting of all important followers. She tells them that she has been sent to Jasper by her church leaders to protect it from an evil that has been prophesied. It looks like that evil is upon us. Signs have been foretelling this evil from some years now to those who knew what to look for and had access to the ancient texts.
The evil that ravaged the desert will return some day to destroy the world. Only at Jasper can the evil be stopped. He who brings life to the lifeless and pulls down the stars will rule if Jasper falls.


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