Gang War

Characters: Pierre[3], Ginger[3], Bayleen[3], Simon[3], Vicar Horace[3], Maleka[3], Milo[3]

Wave after wave of attacks and counter attacks ripple through the underworld element in town. After a week of this activity, there is a critical shortage of guards and casino workers. Several caravans are forced to stay in town due to lack of guards. They learn that Pablo has been promoted to Captain due to the death of his superior. Pablo's men seem to be about the only guards that are trying to restore calm. The other city guards are too busy being attacked and attacking to help restore order.

After 2 weeks, the town is in a awful state. The casino has shut down because everyone is afraid to go there since they might get caught in the middle of a hit. Even the bars are feeling the pinch since many of their best customers are either dead or afraid to be seen in public. The average city resident will not venture out at night since the city guard is only a shadow of its former self. Only those staying in an Inn will be found in the bar after nightfall. And they are never unarmed.

One afternoon, while the party is finishing up their lunch, a gang of rather rough looking characters walks in the door, looks around and then heads for the party. Without saying a word, the gang draws their weapons and attacks the party.

After a furious battle, the party manages to defend themselves and kill the attacking gang. They help the bartender clean up the mess and continue to lay low.

Milo and Maleka tell the party that if the party will continue to wait, the gang leader will have to come and try and settle things down.

One afternoon, about 3 weeks after the attack on the gang hideout, Milo overhears a wounded guard saying to another rough looking fellow that 'the old man' should be here today. There's to be a meeting in the miller's warehouse house at midnight.

That evening, Maleka notices a tattered looking scribe checking in to the Inn. He speaks with a stammer to the Innkeeper asking for a ground floor room. The Innkeeper tells him that they have not ground floor rooms but can put him on the second floor over the stable. The scribe agrees with misgivings and asks for assistance in getting his heavy books and luggage up to the room.

The scribe sneaks out of his room via the window that evening and makes for the warehouse. Once there, he meets with a gang of maybe 100 rough looking men. You can't hear what he says but it stirs the assembled masses. Watching through the windows of the warehouse, the party sees that he is much more vigorous than he appeared in the Inn. In fact, they are not sure they would recognize him if you had not followed him or if he were not wearing the same clothes. You see weapons being held up and the glint of hatred on the faces of the men. The party hears someone coming hides.

A hooded figure approach the same window they were looking through. They see the figure wave a black twig or stick and a blue shimmer covers the window. The figure moves on around the building stopping at each door and window before going around the far corner of the building.

A few minutes later, there is an enormous flash of light inside the warehouse and the entire building catches on fire. The party can see people trying to get out the windows but something is preventing the windows from opening. Even weapons don't seem to be able to shatter the glass. After a few minutes, there are no more faces at the windows. The roof is now fully engulfed. The firemen arrive but it is too late. The walls of the warehouse begin to collapse.

Members of the party attempt to follow the hooded figure but it disappears into an alleyway and there is a flash of light and the figure is gone.

The next morning, the city is in shock. Over 100 people died in the fire. The fire burned so hot that the bodies cannot be identified. The town waits for the next strike but nothing comes. Not that day. Not the next. After a week of relative peace, business begins to pick up again. People start venturing out again. The casino reopens under new management.

Early one morning, Captain Pablo visits the Inn and tells the party that they might be safe to come out of hiding. He is not sure just what happened at the warehouse but the war seems to be over. He is hiring new city guards if the party is interested.


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