Hit the Hitmen

Characters: Pierre[3], Ginger[3], Bayleen[3], Simon[3], Vicar Horace[3], Maleka[3], Milo[3]

Ginger is having trouble sleeping, her prayers are going unanswered, and she has a feeling in the pit of her stomach that her god is displeased with her.

Pierre talks with one of his mining friends and learns that a new mine has opened and they are hiring many experienced deep mining workers. The owner is paying twice the normal wage.

Pablo, the Sergeant of the guards that the party met at Ponano's shop, shows up in the bar. He wants to talk with the bounty hunters about the bandits. He is concerned about the party's safety after the killing spree the bandits have been on. This spree includes Thorin, somebody found in an alleyway, and some Caliban soldiers.

He also knew about the party's run-in in the desert with the Speloben bandits. He believes that the party is in danger. There is little he can do about the murders directly since his higher-ups won't let him do anything about the bandits. He hopes that the party will help him and at the same time they will be helping themselves. He has info on the bandits and will share it with the party if they will do something about the murderers. If the party brings them in dead, so much the better. He gives the party names and descriptions of the "guilty" bandits, hideout locations, and details about 10 murders. He also tells them to leave a dagger with a symbol of the Stiven gang, a rival gang from down south, on it to cast blame on a different gang.

The bandits will be so busy fighting among themselves, they will not have time to mess with the party. Also, eliminating this cell will rid the town of the main assassins, which should also improve the party's safety.

This info will leads the party to the cell responsible for in-town hits and security. They are the cell that has been stalking the party. With them out of the way, the party would be free to move about Jasper.

With the new info, the party is able to plan an effective attack on the cell. The best time to attack is just before dawn. Between 4 and 6 AM, when all but 2 are in the house and most are asleep. At night, 2 guards patrol the house. Every 30 minutes, one walks the perimeter of the compound with the other watching from inside the house. Between rounds, the guards watch the only working door. (Other doors have been nailed shut)

The party again plans an effective raid on the house and leaves Ginger downstairs to guard against early return as the rest of the party climbs the stairs to deal with the sleeping thieves. They manage to kill almost all of them in their sleep and only have a small fight in the last room. In all, about 20 thieves are killed that night by the party.

They leave the other gang's symbols among the dead and return to their quarters. They meet with Pablo and let him know that things have been dealt with.


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