Characters: Pierre[3], Ginger[3], Bayleen[3], Simon[3], Thorin[3], Vicar Horace[3], Maleka[3], Milo[3]

On the way back the party divides the spoils of raid on the bandet's hideout:

As the party nears town, they are attacked by bandits who steal all but a tiny part of the treasure. They pursue the bandits but loose them in the badlands outside of Jasper.

They return to their old lodging (boarding house, hotel, house, etc.) expecting to never see the others again. The sultan's relatives look the party up to see why they came back and the sultan did not. They are not happy with the party's explanation but can't find any of the sultan's goods so they leave.

The relatives are followed by two strangers: Milo and Maleka. Maleka, a bounty hunter and her partner Milo, are looking for the leader of the bandits. She thinks that the party may have info that might help with her mission. After hearing their story, she thinks that Achmed might be a good lead to the leader. There is a price on the leader's head, thanks to the sultan's family, and the bounty hunters are willing to share the bounty if the party will help.

The next day, somebody raids the parties rooms all over town. They also discover that Thorin has been murdered. The party finds a clue that leads them to the 'hardware' store (a tool used to open a door but dropped by the raiders). The party decides that they had better get to the bottom of this before someone else dies.

The party takes the tool to a general store to see if they can find where the tool might have been purchased. They learn that the tool has marks showing that it was made by the local blacksmith Toncalo and was likely a custom tool sold directly by the blacksmith.

From the blacksmith Toncalo, the party learns that it was indeed a custom tool made for the local woodworker / handyman named Ponano. They travel to Ponano's shop but nobody comes when they enter the shop. Looking through the curtain to the back room, they discover that he is dead. He was murdered with a garrote with wooden handles that have a sickle and lightning bolt brand on one end.

The city guards finds the party there arrests them. They question the party but soon the leader of the guard, Pablo, notices Maleka and ask her what is going on. She tells him their story and he examines the body. Noticing a mark on the handle of the garrote, he tells Maleka that she should watch her step and that the party had better get out of her and drop their investigation.

Later, the party returns and looks through Ponano's things. They discover a ring with the sickle and lightning bolt engraved on its face. They also search the room and find evidence that he was part of the thieves guild.

The party tracks down and questions one of the thugs that had been following them. After extracting the location of their hideout, the party kills him.

The party goes to the hideout. Leaving the Paladin outside to guard, the rest of the party enters pretending to be members of the guild. The attack the fighters their and end up killing several. Only afterwards do they discover that these fighters are Caliban soldiers on vacation in Jasper. They threaten the survivors that the thieves guild will be watching them and leave. The avoid telling Paladin exactly what happens but she thinks something must be wrong when her god seems displeased with her later.


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