Queen of Geldall

Characters: Remo[4], Meth[4], Ailon[4], Bram[4], Luna[4], Vincent[4], Teve[4], Na'tan[4]

The party found a room at the Jodatob (Silver Nugget) for 7GP per night or 35GP per week. They rent 3 rooms (105GP). Prices are much higher here so they begin looking for work.

Javid finds employment at the temple as a healer for 5GP per day. Meth works for a courier for 2GP per day. Ailon finds work at a local casino working as a part time dancer (6GP per day plus tips) and as a part time bouncer in the same casino (2GP per day). Bram finds work as in engineer building a road to the mines for 2GP per day. Luna works as a blacksmith for 3GP per day. Vincent works as a guard for a casino for 2GP per day. Teve works security for the casino for 2GP per day. Na'tan works in her temple for room and board plus earns 1GP per day scribing for the temple.

During the week, Meth finds another place where the price is much more reasonable. They move to the Jajul boarding house where the rate is 10GP for a room per month in advance. They are there a few days when Darmek arrives.

He tells them that the united Geldall has attacked Caliban. Also, Rudrik had a daughter named Fioria who is rightful heir to the throne. She could muster support to challenge Koral's hold on Geldall but only if she can be protected. With the Dragon Slayer by her side, the new Duke could claim her rightful place as Queen of Geldall.

The party prepares for their trip back by buying enough horses to make the trip quickly. They buy enough provisions so they will not have to buy anything along the way. After another day for Darmek to rest up from his trek, the party heads east.

The first night climbing up the mountains toward the boarder, the party is attacked in the middle of the night. Bram and Vincent are on watch when Bram notices too late that a boulder is falling toward him. A second boulder nearly misses Vincent who realizes that the party is under attack from hill giants. Javid causes one to flee in terror with a spell and Bram casts a grease spell to cause him to slip and slide, the party makes quick work of the three giants with only moderate damage. They discover almost 200lbs of coins in a sack on of the giants is carrying but wait till they are on their way to count them (950GP, 922SP).

At the boarder, the party is forced to pay a 20GP entrance fee (bribe) but is otherwise allowed to pass with no problem. They notice the fee being divided among the guards as they ride away east. They travel on toward Ragnar where Na'tan's cousin B'jan lives. They are greeted warmly and spend the evening with him. The party decides to leave him 500SP for his hospitality this time and last.

They travel toward Kent but notice refugees moving away from the battlefront. Given their newfound fortune, they decide to head for the Caliban port of Sorgen to see if they can hire a ship. They find rooms in a dockside inn called the "Four in Hand" for 5CP per night. There they find Capt. Wilrow and his first mate Qweldrik (an Elf!) who sail "The Modru". Capt. Wilrow is willing to take the party for 200GP per week with no questions asked. They leave early the next day.

Once on board, Darmek works with the Capt. Wilrow to set course for the first place Fioria might be. They end up at bug island but see no signs of her ship. They continued on to 'fire dog' island only to discover a Caliban ship and an Alban ship in the small harbor. Capt. Wilrow managed to avoid being seen and took the Modru around to the other side of the island. He informed them about some caves on the island that Fioria might be able to hold up in.

A landing party was dropped on the beach. They made their way across the island till they begin to hear voices. One crept forward and overheard that they were sending for reinforcements. Bram decided to check out a well in hopes that there might be a passage into the caves.

Bram and Javid stripped and swam down the well and up into a cavern. The followed the path till they found it opened out into an underground complex. In this complex, they found treasure and provisions stored. It did not appear that anyone lived here but there were definitely sounds coming from the tunnel ahead.

Following the sounds of voices, they found Fioria and her guard help up on a stair case leading up. Seeing wet almost naked men unexpectedly gave the guard quite a fright and they almost killed the Bram and Javid before the two could explain why they were there.

A plan was formed to escape from the well and make for the Modru. All made it to the ship and Capt. Wilrow sailed for Alban. With the Dragon Slayer at her side, Fioria felt safe to return to Alban. Within a few months, Fioria gains her rightful spot as the new Queen of Geldall.

- The End -


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