A Bridge to the Future

Characters: Remo[4], Meth[4], Ailon[4], Bram[4], Luna[4], Vincent[4], Teve[4]

After 4 months of heavy fighting and many victories behind them, the party has reached the outskirts of Uxmal deep inside Alban. Much of Azul is now free and almost half of Alban has been taken back from the Caliban forces. There are now several active fronts with each force fighting in the name of the Dragon Slayer. The Dragon Slayer's banner now flies over many liberated towns and is being painted as graffiti on buildings as the front nears a new town.

There is talk that the two Dukes let this invasion happen because of their squabbles. Since the Dragon Slayer has united the two peoples against a common enemy, the Dragon Slayer should be the new leader of a new combined country. Time does seem right to forge a new country from the shards of the two broken ones. But first, there is a war to finish. The next major objective is the bridge in Uxmal. This bridge is the only crossing point for 2 days march in either direction and is of immense strategic advantage. Intelligence learned from questioning some of the Caliban prisoners gives strong indications that Caliban is preparing to destroy the bridge if it looks like it might fall into enemy hands. The irony of the situation does not escape the party but all they can do is try to prevent its destruction. The party soon decided that they will have to leave their main force behind and sneak into Uxmal. To get there, they must cross the enemy lines, travel about a day toward Uxmal, enter the town, and approach the bridge. All of this activity must be done without raising the alarm

They succeed in crossing the lines with only one small fight. They encounter a group of Caliban soldiers with orders to find the Dragon Slayer and report back her location. They take the Caliban money off the soldiers and then hide the bodies. They continue into town staying off the roads when they can and 'blending in' to traffic when they can't. The party reaches Uxmal and rent rooms in an Inn near the bridge. They observe that 2 small 'buildings' have been added to the bridge. There is one on each end of the bridge and seem to be manned with Mages. The party risks a trip across the bridge. Their cover story is that they wish to visit the bars on the other side and are let across. On the way, they get a better view of these buildings. They observe a Mage with two scrolls on each side of the bridge. It seems obvious to the party that their purpose is to destroy the bridge if needed.

After long discussions, it is decided that the two Mages must be dealt with simultaneously and with no warning. Also, soon after these Mages have been stopped, the party must hold the bridge till their main forces can arrive. Since they left no standing orders for the front to advance, someone must return and start the front moving. Teve volunteers. Teve steals a horse from the Caliban barracks and heads for the line. He rides through the night and manages to avoid trouble. He gives orders for the front to advance after 12 hours and then heads back to Uxmal without resting. Again, he manages to avoid or outrun any problems and returns to the party exhausted but with his mission accomplished. In the mean time, the party has started spreading rumors that the Dragon Slayer will be in town soon. They hope to trigger a popular uprising rallying to the Dragon Slayers call to arms. News of the coming Dragon Slayer does lift the spirits of the locals and the party plans their attack for a few hours after sundown. Again the rumors fly that the Dragon Slayer will be here tonight. The streets are filled when the party makes their move around 8:00 PM

The plan is for part of the party to cross the bridge for more drinking but take their time so as to be near building on the other side as the Dragon Slayer appears on the near side. When Luna begins hitting the anvil with the hammer, both sides will rush the buildings and kill the Mages, take the scrolls, and call for the townsfolk to help. The plan starts that way but before they can reach the near side building the bridge is rocked by an explosion. One of the Mages manages to get off one of the scroll before they can reach him. He is in the middle of the second when he and the scroll are sliced in two. They manage to prevent any of the other scrolls from being read and both Mages are killed. The bridge is weakened but will stand. If any of the other scrolls had been read, the bridge and the party would have been lost into the river

The townsfolk rush to the aid of the legendary Dragon Slayer and soon the bridge is taken. Fighting continues throughout town for most of the evening. By morning, much of Uxmal has been liberated from within. When word reaches the town that the front is approaching , the town explodes with joy. Uxmal is free! Long live the Dragon Slayer

Within a few days, the front is fortified on the western edge of Uxmal. The party is taking a well earned rest when they are disturbed by an unearthly scream coming from Luna's tent. When folks arrive, they see 4 dead Caliban soldiers and Luna standing at the spot where the anvil usually rests. Her eyes are glowing red and all her muscles are bulging. Her voice resonates with an unearthly quality, "He stole the anvil!" After Luna is calmed they learn that the man with the blue turban who they first saw on bug island had been in her tent with 4 soldiers. She had been sleeping when the soldiers tried to take the hammer from her (she now sleeps with it in her hand) but they had died in the attempt. After the last soldier was dead, the man in the turban shrugged and drew out a blue crystal and pressed it into the anvil. The anvil then disappeared which prompted Luna's scream. The man then calmly drew out another crystal as Luna hurtled toward him. Just before she reached him, he gave her a cruel smile and pressed the crystal into his chest and disappeared

Without its mate, the hammer loses much of its power. But the same thing is true for the anvil. The party has lost a great tool in its drive to expel the Caliban forces. Only time will tell how severe the loss is.


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