Everything Is Going Just Right . . .

Characters: Remo[4], Meth[4], Ailon[4], Bram[4], Luna[4], Vincent[4], Teve[4], Alanna[4]

The party travels from the island only to discover that their homeland coast is teeming with Caliban ships. They avoid the coast and head north toward an old deserted pirate base that Courtney knows of.

Along the way, they are spotted by a Caliban warship. Remembering the feeling in the cave, Bram suggest to Luna that she beat the anvil with the hammer. As the ship nears, Luna begins beating the anvil and Bram casts a fireball spell that disables ship and kills most of crew

They continue to the pirate island and find Darmek already there. They discuss plans on how to take back the country and hit upon the idea of creating a legend. If they can convince the townspeople that a hero is coming, they may get help from the locals and create a self fulfilling prophecy. They can use trophies gathered from the dragon, the hammer and anvil to amplify magic, and the weapon to reinforce the legends

Several members of the party enter Avon the night before the attack and began spreading rumors that the Dragon Slayer is coming to liberate Avon

The party buys a wagon with a cover from Lars the wagon maker. They place the anvil in the wagon with Luna where she can beat the anvil out of sight. When they near the edge of town, Luna began beating on anvil with the hammer.

They were met by the Caliban soldiers at the gate to the city. The paladin announces herself as the Dragon Slayer and forces her way into town by slicing through the barricade with the dragon sword. As she advances, the members of the party in town began calling for the citizens to rise up and follow the Dragon Slayer.

The people rally to the call and the mob grows as the party nears the guard headquarters. After a brief but dazzling fight, the town is free from the Caliban control. Meth is proclaimed the liberator of Avon and word of her might spreads far and wide. The Dragon Slayer has come to take back the land from the Caliban invaders.


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