On A Wing And A Prayer

Characters: Remo[4], Meth[4], Ailon[4], Bram[4], Luna[4], Vincent[4], Teve[4], Alanna[4]

The party first travels to Anja, or 'bug island', and finds dragons scales to build a shield for Meth. They travel on to Kundan, the hell hound island, only to discover that the Caliban forces have arrived before them. The Caliban forces are loading crates onto the ship and the bodies of many hell hounds can be seen on the shore. The Caliban ship hoists her sails and sails away.

The party ventures on to the island only to discover that the hell hounds are gone. They notice one set of small tracks that lead from one kill. Vincent follows the trail to a small din where they discover a hell hound puppy. Ailon tames the puppy with food she brought.

After a few days of preparation and convincing the dog that they are friends, they lead the dog into a large cave where they have set up an ambush for the dragon. They put dog food on the mithril and get the dog to 'flame' the metal and Luna begins the process of forging the weapon. The sight of glowing metal, pounding hammer blows and the magical shock waves scare the pup away.

Each hammer blow seems to make the mithril glow brighter. The entire cave is ringing with the sound of the blows. Remo and Bram can feel their spell in their heads try to leap out and know that if they were to cast a spell, that it would be amplified by this power. Luna looks like she is in a trance. She is muttering words in a language that none of the party members understand. Her eyes seem to be glowing but it could be they are just reflecting the glow of the mithril.

After the weapon is finished, Luna collapses and is carried to the back of the cave where the party waits for the dragon. Meth, Bram and Remo wait near the mouth of the cave to put their plan in action. When the dragon is seen approaching, Remo blesses Meth, Bram levitates her to a small niche in the roof of the cave, casts a silence spell on the niche, and then everyone hides behind a barrier of dragon scales.

The dragon enters the cave but Meth waits till the dragon is under her. Just as she is ready to strike, the dragon breaths fire but not at her. It senses danger in the back of the cave and blasts to reduce the danger before advancing. None of the party is hurt by the flames since they are deflected by the scales. Then Meth drops on the head of the dragon and strikes with a critical hit. The dragons pitches wildly and Meth is thrown from its head. She stands and strikes back. The dragon thrashes wildly in its death throws and almost kills Meth as she once again brings the weapon home for the killing blow. On the verge of death, Meth is brought back by the healing aid of Remo. The dragon is dead! The party carries their wounded back to the ship and heads for home.


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