The Right Mettle

Characters: Remo[4], Meth[4], Ailon[4], Bram[4], Luna[4], Vincent[4], Teve[4], Alanna[4]

The party decides that they must have a wagon to bring the anvil back to Alban. Darmek tells them of a small town where they can purchase horses and a wagon. The party is worried that Darmek may come to harm while they are gone and suggest that he come with them. Darmek assures the party that he can deal with any 'visitors.' Darmek demonstrates a special feature of his castle by having the party go outside and come back in. When they do, the inside of the castle looks like it has not been lived in a 50 years. There are cobwebs, broken boards, dusty smell, etc. Feeling much better about leaving Darmek, the party departs.

The party travels to Bryce and buys a wagon from a man named Lars who also tells them of a horse farm run by a man named Newton. They travel toward Newton's home and camp by the side of the road at nightfall. During the night, riders pass, slow, but then continue on. The party does nothing and later that night they hear noises from the woods. Teve and Vincent go to investigate. Teve back stabs one of the attackers but is unsuccessful on the next opponent. The opponent gives the alarm and but is quickly done in by Teve on his next hit. The party makes quick work of the others opponents but soon hear horse steps. Bram casts a pyrotechnics spell on the fire and the party escapes.

The party flees through the woods and soon finds a field where they stop. Later in the night they see horses and feel that they may have found Newton's farm. They wait till sunup, disguise themselves and purchase a horse. They return to Lars' workshop to retrieve the wagon they purchased the day before. They hitch up and head for Darmek's castle.

Upon arriving at the castle, they find Darmek hard at work deciphering the scroll. He has learned that the weapon must me made from mithril and that they must use the fire of some fire breathing dog to forge the mithril. They should take a sword and weld the mithril to the tip to produce a sword that will cut through anything. At this description, Luna states that it feels right and that she thinks she knows how to make the weapon.

Having no mithril, they decide to return to Alban and ask the Duke for some. They hide the anvil in the wagon in a compartment under the seat and take up Darmek's offer of a load of manure. With this load in the wagon, they head south keeping in two or three parties. The only problem they encounter is the odor of manure. This turns out to be an advantage when they cross the border. The smell is so bad that the border guards are not eager to search the wagon so they pass the party through with only a few questions.

They make it to Kent with little problem and after a few explanations, a bath, and new clothes, they report to the Duke. The Duke tells them of a legend of hell hounds that live on an off-coast island. The Duke does not have the forces to send with them to the island but can spare a ship and crew. He gives them some mithril from his personal treasury and wishes the party good luck.


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