On The Run, Again

Characters: Remo[4], Meth[4], Ailon[4], Bram[4], Luna[4], Vincent[4], Teve[4], Alanna[4]

The group leaves town with Courtney and makes for the castle of Darmek, her old master. Darmek, an old man in his 80's, was once a great paladin and had trained Courtney. He is able to read some of the scroll and advises the party to head to a spot on the coast and look for something called the Cave of Shadows. He is not sure where it gets its name.

The group travels to the sea and makes camp. They find a cave that that matches the description at the water line. They wait for the tide to go out so the cave is not flooded and then go inside. Once inside they discover a maze of passageways which they follow into a large round room. In this room they find a large crate sitting on a dais. After discovering that the dais moves up and down with different weight, they pick up the box and step off. The dais floats to the ceiling leaving a winding staircase leading down. The party descends the step and unknown to them, the trips a trigger on a step which causes the platform to drop, trapping them in the staircase. Water began to flow into the chamber and the party tries to retreat. The try to lift the dais but something seems to be holding the dais down. They force their way out but can not see anyone in the room. Ailon is touched by something and suddenly feels much weaker. Remo 'turns' and they hear something flee from the room. The party takes the crate and leaves. Outside, they open the crate to discover it empty except for a piece of paper and an animated skeleton. Remo once again comes to the rescue to ban the skeleton.

They wait till the next low tide and enter the cave again this time taking a different route. They find a room with several 'shadows' in it and Remo again 'turns' them while the party searches the room. They find in a pile of junk a small anvil that glows, as does the hammer, when they are brought together. They put the anvil in the crate and carry it back to Darmek's castle.


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