Dragon Their Tails Behind Them

Characters: Remo[4], Meth[4], Ailon[4], Bram[4], Luna[4], Vincent[4], Teve[4], Alanna[4]

The party makes it to Avon without too much trouble. They go into Avon to scope out the town but Meth encounters someone who seems to remember her. She lies that she is a relative of the person they know. They take a room in the inn and travel to find Courtney. They tell her of their plight and she says that she may be able to help them. They will need to travel to someone she knows that might be able to read the scroll. They plan to leave in the morning so the party returns to the inn for the night.

Someone must have been alerted the government to the party's location because in the middle of the night, Vincent notices that guards are approaching the inn. He wakes the party and they make a break for it down the back stairs. The door at the bottom of the stairs is locked so Luna uses the hammer to break the lock. The door is knocked from its hinges with one blow! The party rushes out the back door and uses the alleys to evade the troops.

They travel to Courtney's house fearing that she too might have been attacked and might need help. The carefully approach the house and discover that Courtney has knocked out her attackers and is packing to leave. Courtney supplies the party with horses since they left the inn without their wagon and horses. With people on their trail once again, the party flees Avon.


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