Down From The Mountain

Characters: Remo[4], Meth[4], Ailon[4], Bram[4], Luna[4], Vincent[4], Teve[4], Alanna[4]

The party spends the night in the cave overhang and in the morning, they leave the cave and see a ship dropping anchor in the bay. They also see natives leaving their village and sneaking toward the bay. One of the sailors identifies the ship a being from Caliban, the country to the southwest of Alban. The sailor tells the party that Caliban forces are not to be messed with. They are aggressive and are best left alone. The party decides to check out the village while the natives are ambushing the Caliban troops.

Bram is almost shot by a blow dart while checking out a hut in the village so they decide to leave. They climb the mountain to see the Caliban troops marching toward the cave. With the troops is a man in a robe and turban who seems in charge. He leaves the troops up the mountain, motions for the troops to wait outside the cave, and enters the cave. After a short time, he comes out laughing and motions for the troops to follow him back to the ship. The ship raises anchor and sails south.

The party makes it back to the boats after a fight with beetles and scorpions. The rescued sailor helps the party rig a twin hull sailing ship from the two longboats and debris from the ship. With the aid of the navigation equipment charts rescued from the ship, this sailor is able to plot a course for Kent. After a few days of sailing, they make it back to Alban only to learn that Kent is a burning wreck. The dragon has been here and left almost nothing standing.

The party reports their doings to the Duke who is not pleased but decides that their best punishment is to fix what they started. He orders his sages read what they can of the scroll as he tells the party some background.

Alban and Azul had once been a single country lead by one of the Duke's ancestors, King Lunbar. The King had used a powerful hammer and anvil to create a mighty weapon. He had also drawn the dragon away to some far off land where he had used this weapon to subdue the dragon. He had returned from the journey a broken man. No one knew what had become of the dragon, the hammer, the anvil, or the weapon. He died soon after returning never passed on any information about the location of the artifacts or the dragon. Not having an heir, a bitter battle for control sprang up between two Dukes and soon the country was at civil war. When the war was over, the nation had been split into the current countries. Almost no hard information about the location of the artifacts or the dragon existed since all of the sailors who had traveled with the old King had died in the war.

The sages report that the scroll talks of an anvil and a hammer that can make a weapon that someone of pure heart can use to kill the dragon. They can't make out how the weapon is to be forged but will continue studying a copy of the scroll they have made. There were some accounts that stated that the King's ship had been sighted near Avon (the town where Courtney Brighthelm, Meth's mom lives). The sages speculate that the anvil would likely be the item located there given that the party has the hammer and that there were some accounts that the weapons might have been destroyed in the battle with the dragon.

The party decides to travel in the guise of traveling mercenaries and a blacksmith. If they find the anvil, a blacksmith with an anvil will raise no suspicions. They gets a wagon and heads north to get the anvil. They make it a far as Beryl where they purchase supplies for their cover story. They then cross the border into Azul in search of the anvil.


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