. . . Then Another

Characters: Remo[4], Meth[4], Ailon[4], Bram[4], Luna[4], Vincent[4], Teve[4], Alanna[4]

The party travels to the cave and sends Vincent ahead to scout out the cave. Vincent pokes his head into the cave and notices a skeleton laying on the floor with an object in its hand. He sees nothing dangerous in the cave so the party advances. As they enter, spiders pour from the back of the cave. The party fights and withdraws outside the cave after killing one. The spiders will not follow them outside so they use missile weapons and kill two more. After a moment of no movement and the cave floor seems clear, Meth leads the party back in. She is surprised as one spider dropped from the ceiling on her. Luckily she was holding her sword up and the spider died as it was impaled on the sword.

The cave now clear of danger, they investigate and discover that the skeleton is holding a hammer in its hand and has a sword on a belt. In the rotten clothing, they find 400 pieces of gold and a scroll with unknown writing. When Meth draws the sword, it emits a light that fills the cave. The look around but can find nothing else of value.

After the cave, the party head toward the mountains to get a better view of the island. They travel without problem to the plateau and camp for the night. At night they can see a native camp some distance away down the other side of the mountains. The are able to make out that the natives are readying to carry one of the missing survivors toward the volcano and decided to attempt a rescue. They get to the cave just after the natives. As they rush in, they notice that the natives are going to give the sailor to a dragon within a larger chamber at the end of the tunnel. In spite of their fear, they manage to stop the sacrifice and kill the natives.

Fearing that the dragon could have killed them at any time and feeling grateful that it has not, they feel indebted to the dragon. They asked if there is anything they can do for it. It says in a deep booming voice, "Release me." After extracting a promise not to kill them, Luna hits the barrier with her hammer and it shatters. They wake to find the dragon gone and the words "We're even" scratched in the floor.


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