First One Thing . . .

Characters: Remo[4], Meth[4], Ailon[4], Bram[4], Luna[4], Vincent[4], Teve[4], Alanna[4]

Life is good for the next 6 months. The party heals, rests, trains, and grows to love their new home. The war with Alban ends once the Dukes are able to negotiate. The traitors in both countries are captured, and dealt with, each country by its own means. Alban executes the traitors on sight. Azul arrests, tries, and deals out a measure of justice in the form of prison, exile, or in some cases, freedom.

The trials are over and Belissa has left to resume her duties. The party is pardoned of their 'crimes' and will be released from their sentence of forced military duty when the current tour of duty is over (about 6 more months). During the trials, the party had been assigned to the Duke's extended guard. Those duties now being over, the party reports to the same office building they raided to obtain their orders.

"Welcome to the cartography division of the 1st Expeditionary Brigade," begins Capt. Willard Merrill. "It is our mission to explore unknown territory, map this territory, and identify any strategic natural resources as well as initiate contact with new peoples that we might contact," he recited.

"I will be leading you, 3 cartographers, 2 diplomats, and 4 geologists on an expedition. We will travel by sea to a newly discovered land form sighted by a ship blown off course in a storm. The ship did not have the supplies or personnel to explore so they continued to their destination and sent a report to us. After all, that is our job," he beams. "We leave on a ship called the Silverwind two days from now. Please make any preparations you need to do and be on the south dock at noon. Any questions?" queries Merrill. "Dismissed!"

After getting their supplies together, the party boards the ship. Several members of the party get sea sick from being on an ocean voyage. Several nights in, they fight giant sea snakes with acid bites and manage to save the ship. Several days later, the ship wrecks in a storm. During the storm, their commander and the ship captain are killed.

They manage to get to shore along with 4 sailors, 1 cartographer, 1 geographer, and most of the ships stores. The supplies include two boats, food and water for several weeks, 350' of hemp rope, 4 hooded lanterns, a set of pots and pans, several books and charts, and an instrument case with a crude spy glass, compass, and star sighting tool.

They travel to an inlet to the west and set up a camp. They explore the area but see no signs of any other survivors. Later they notice some smoke coming from the shore about a day's march from their camp. That evening, they fight 3 rhinoceros beetles but survive the encounter.


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