Caged Truths

Characters: Remo[3], Meth[3], Ailon[3], Bram[3], Luna[3], Vincent[3], Teve[3], Alanna[3]

The party is taken to a jail in the small farming village of Suskin about a day from the capital of Kent. They are in two cells and have only their clothes. All of their other possessions have been taken and placed in bins for safe keeping.

Belissa tries without success to convince the chief guard Randolph that the party should be released.

"Why are we being held, Randolph?" asks Belissa.

"As I stated before, I have a warrant for you on the charge of treason, conspiracy to assassinate Duke Rudrik, and incitement to riot. The warrant is signed, Thaddeus, First General of the Border Patrol." replied Randolph.

"But we have done nothing except defend Alban from Azul. I have discovered evidence that there may be traitors within the army of Alban and that not everything we thought about the war was true but we are not guilty of any of those charges." Belissa pleads.

"I am only doing my job, Belissa," states Randolph. "Please don't make this any more difficult that it is already. I have already sent word of your capture to the capital. Someone should be here for you by tomorrow evening. I must get on with my other work. I am sorry, Belissa."

Randolph locks the door to the cell and clips the keys to his belt and walks away to discuss other matters with the other guards. Belissa sinks to the floor after her futile attempt.

Early the next day, a group of 6 troops enter the guard house and ask for the person in change. When Randolph arrives, they tell him that they have just arrived from Uxmal and are here to take the prisoner to Thaddeus. Randolph objects, "Without orders from my commander, I cannot release the prisoners. You will have to wait till my orders arrive from Kent. They should be here within the next few hours."

At this, the newcomers draw weapons and attack. Randolph is hit hard and rolls next to the cell and lies there unconscious. The fight rages on as the newcomers continue to defeat the guards.

The party takes the keys off Randolph, open the cells, and attack the new troops. Remo heals Randolph and the fighters join the fray and manage to beat of the attackers capturing one of them alive. Remo then helps the other guards after the fight ends. Belissa manages to convince Randolph that this is more evidence that there is a conspiracy.

Randolph agrees that something is amiss and decides to take action. He and the remaining guards take the prisoner with them to another facility. He is not comfortable staying in Suskin where the party was being held. He decides to trust Belissa and sends the party to Kent to look in Thaddeus' office for evidence of proving their claim. He will question the attacker and will help the party gain audience with the Duke if they find hard evidence. They thank Randolph and leave for Kent.

They arrive in the capital and Teve scopes out the office, they find a room, check in and plan a midnight raid. Bram, Vincent, Alanna, and Ailon move to the roof of the hotel where Ailon stands guard. They use grappling hooks to climb from one building to another till they get on the military office building. There they descend into Thaddeus' office.

They discover a wall safe which holds money, a ledger, and a mission briefing for the war plot. Attempting to open the book, Alanna is poisoned and must be carried out of the office. Remo does a slow poison and they rush her to a local temple where Remo and Meth and a few gems convince the local priest to cure Alanna. They examine the mission briefing and Thaddeus is part of the double diamond plot and that he has a secret base in the swap near Kent where he is amassing supplies and a small army.

They hire a boat and leave town to find Randolph. When they arrive, Randolph has been questioning the prisoner and has discovered that some of the higher ranking officers are involved in a secret plot. The prisoner does not know everything but does know that it involves the war and that the party is troubling to someone. Randolph has also checked with some of his contacts and discovers that Thaddeus had gathered a group of officers around him. Little information is known about what the group is doing.

With Randolph, they travel back to Kent and gain an audience with the Duke. They tell their story, lay out their evidence, and are questioned by the Duke. The Duke has the party held while their story can be checked. The Duke's guards contact the old man Flanna that they rescued. The guards also discover the hidden base in the swamp that the party told of. Thaddeus is found at the hidden base and is arrested for treason. The Duke assigns the party to stay at his palace as guards while the conspiracy is investigated and the principals brought to trial.


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