Safe At Last?

Characters: Remo[3], Meth[3], Ailon[3], Bram[3], Luna[3], Vincent[3], Teve[3], Alanna[3]

They arrive at the safe house and Belissa used the proper procedure to gain access to the building. She introduces the party to the two people there. Belissa says, "I would like you to meet two of my colleagues, Alanna and Teve. They have worked for me for a number of years and we can trust them. I recruited each of them myself."

The safe house is a small farmhouse deep in the woods near a stream. There is a well hidden boat house in the woods near the stream with supplies and a shallow draft long boat (Holds 10 plus gear). There is a tunnel between the house and the boathouse as well as a supply cellar. Belissa has used this safe house in the past to keep defectors.

The party rests for a day using the supplies in the safe house to restock their backpacks. They learn about Alanna and Teve and how they met Belissa. Belissa explains to Alanna and Teve about what has happened so far and suggests that they accompany the party for additional protection. Options are discussed.

After some time, Alanna announces that someone is approaching. There are about 20 military shock troops slowly making their way to the building. The party decides to move to the boat house using the tunnel. There is a trapdoor in the floor of the kitchen that leads to the cellar. They start a file in the house and move down into the cellar through the trap door. Behind one of the storage racks is a secret door that opens on a 3' tall tunnel that leads to the boathouse. They collapse the tunnel has they go through it so that nobody can follow them. Once in the boathouse, they escape in a longboat down the river which leads into deep and thick woods that make following impossible.

The party manages to escape the troops and travels by river for some time. They leave the river and sink the boat so that no one will know which way they went. The start off toward Kent, the capital. The next several days involve attacks with a giant snake and several armagators but the party survives both these encounters.

The party passes through several small towns without incident. They are about a day's journey from Kent when the party is arrested by Alban forces.


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