Why Me?

Characters: Remo[3], Meth[3], Ailon[3], Bram[3], Luna[3], Vincent[3]

The morning after the battle finds the party wounded but in good shape. They round up the captives, get the wounded to the healers, and survey the town's damage. They find that most of the damage can be rebuilt with ease.

Midmorning, reinforcements arrive from the south and set up a new front back where the old front was. The arriving troops begin to improve the defenses of the town with the help of the party. Bran helps plan reinforcing the wall to give the town a better defense if another battle occurs.

The party goes to question Millard only to find that he is dead. The nurse in the infirmary tells them that the only person in or out of the infirmary was Lt. Ryan Jurdan. From this fact and the fact that Ryan is now missing, the party deduces that he must have been a spy.

Belissa decides that it is no longer safe to be in Beryl and that there are spies out to kill the party and prevent them from getting the word out that the war was stared by someone other than Duke Koral of Azul.

They head out south in a wagon but are waylaid by 10 ogres. The party defeats the ogres but several members are badly wounded. They find a room in an inn and rest. After continuing, they discover that they are being followed. They stay in another inn and the next morning the head out for the north. After an hour, they double back and surprise their followers. The followers attack the party but are soundly defeated with only 3 escaping death. The party resumes their southern journey with added haste.

Belissa recognizes some of the followers as members of her own military so she is no longer sure who she can trust. Is it possible that military leaders in both Alban and Azul are in on this plot? She decides to head for one of her own safe houses to rest and work out a plan for their next action.


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