Border Guard

Characters: Remo[3], Meth[3], Ailon[3], Bram[3], Luna[3], Vincent[3]

The party arrives at Beryl and meets the local military leader in town, Commander Rabben. Rabben tells them that they will post guard at night. One person will guard the northern gate and one will guard the southern gate. The rest of the party will patrol the perimeter of town which has a waist high stone wall. After spending the day looking around, they begin their guard duty.

That night, Luna notices a tree near the wall moving but there is no breeze. She yells for help as a band of ogres attack. The party is able to defeat the ogres but they find a leather map on one of the ogres leading to this town with descriptions of Remo!

The party spends the next day backtracking the ogres tracks only to discover that the ogres met some party that came from Azul. They follow the Azul tracks back and discover an area of ravines that span the border. It is obvious that the ogres were sent to find Remo by someone from Azul.

They return to town and discuss what they have learned with Belissa. During the conversation, Belissa suddenly figures out what has been ticking the edge of her thoughts. She remembers that the party told her that they had delivered the war declaration note. She had interrogated numerous Azul captives and they had always told here that Alban had started the war without warning. Why had none of the Alban captives known that their own Duke had declared war? Maybe it was because he hadn't!

Belissa speaks with the party in private about her suspicion. The pieces are starting to fall into place. The party may be the only people that know that a note was sent from Azul to Alban. What if their own Duke did not know about the note? What if it was a military coup? Belissa suggests that they should leave Beryl when the reinforcements arrive and travel to the capital. Perhaps there is a way to stop the war.

That very night, the party notices the sound of battle moving toward town. The party helps the town prepare for battle. They set up a makeshift infirmary to treat the wounded during the battle. They gather supplies and dig in waiting for the front to arrive. Around 3:00 in the morning, the front is pushed back to Beryl and the party is forced to engage in full battle.

During the battle, the party find themselves fighting against their old buddies. The fighting goes on most of the night with the party helping to make the difference. The Alban forces hold at Beryl and begin pushing back. By early morning, the front has advances back toward the old line and the town can assess its losses. The party discovers hundred of dead Alban and Azul soldiers and many wounded. The gather the survivors at the infirmary treating both Alban and Azul wounded. Among the survivors, they find their old supervisor, Millard. They discover poison on his person and remove it to prevent him from killing himself.


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