It's Been A Bad Day

Characters: Javid[3], Metheri[3], Caslon[3], Thymas[3], Baralyn[3]

The party's captain briefs them on the mission. It will be a simple one in which they will deliver a note from their Duke, Koral of Azul, to a neighboring Duke, Rudrik of Alban. The party will have dinner in the castle and spend the night, then return the next day. The party packs for an overnight journey and then departs for Azul. The way is easy and they reach the castle late in the afternoon. Their captain hands the Page the message and none are ready for what happens next. The Page reads the note declaring war between the two countries. The outraged Duke orders his guards to seize the party. The battle that ensues leaves the captain and several comrades dead and the party running for their freedom and lives.

It is a long night filled with cold rain, hot pursuit, and endless confusion. By morning, the party has escaped their pursuers and has taken refuge from the rain in a small cave. They remove all insignia from their shields and uniforms, elect Metheri their leader, and assess their supplies. Not everyone had food but there seems to be enough equipment to get by.

The sun rises with the party undamaged if exhausted, but having been chased deeper into Alban most of the night. It is at least two days march back to Alban under normal circumstances. It will take much longer given the troops looking for them.

Javid and Caslon set first watch followed by Metheri and Thymas. They then leave their hiding place and head to the river after Javid does a direction sense. Thymas brings up the rear and attempts to hide their trail into the stream. They move downstream just inside the river for some time till they see smoke coming from behind a bend in the river.

They send Thymas ahead to scout. He discovers a farmhouse with two old people. He returns to report and discovers some berries and apples along the way. The others have also found fruit during his absence. Javid casts a goodberry on the berries and turns 5 into magic berries.

They wait till night and travel around the farmhouse through the trees. There is a full moon so the party continues traveling through the night. They pass several houses and bed down about 4:00 AM. Thymas and Baralyn take first watch and Caslon and Metheri have the second watch. Javid creates 6 goodberrys and distributes 5 of them.

Thymas catches 27 fish and the party chances a fire to cook the fish. They also make some pemmican from the berries. After cooking the fish, the party hears a deep drum coming from the town to the east. Latter they hear a horn. Thymas scouts near the town and discovers that a call to arms is in progress. About 50 Men in arms have gathered about 150 conscripts. They decide to wail till the troops have left town before moving on.

They cross the road head east, cross another road and make camp near the next town. Having avoided being discovered, they make camp and hide for the day. Caslon and Thymas take first watch. Baralyn and Javid take second watch. The day goes uneventful and as evening comes, the party moves on.

They notice a bridge in town and decide they need to cross the river else they will be going away from Azul. There are guards in town so they are forced to bluff their way across the bridge by pretending to be mercenaries heading toward the front. When questioned about where they are from, Caslon responds that she calls no place home. The guards let them pass and the party leaves the town by the shortest path.

Once out of town, they travel to the border avoiding Alban troops. Shortly after crossing the border they are captured by troops from Azul. They are safe at last! (or are they?)


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