Dorn is the working title for a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition adventure created by Virgil Sealy and played in Cary, NC. This page is mostly for the players to use as a reference for past events. Others are welcome to read and (hopefully) enjoy these adventures. The Dorn campaign is part of the Daleth campaign.


Dorn lies between the Great Desolation to the south and the Northern Wastes to the northwest. The country of Dorn was occupied by many of the peoples who found living in the desert too hard. The capital city of Yura, along with Bern and Zug make up the majority of the population of Dorn. Two additional cities (Jasper and Dira) are situated along the mountains that border the Great Desolation and maintain close ties with both Dorn and the countries to their east (Caliban and Azul - now Geldall).


Dorn is mainly populated by humans but there are some elf, half-elf, and dwarf characters as well. These are the only player races permitted at this time.


All player classes in the Players Handbook except for the Warlock are allowed. To be successful, a party should be a balanced collection of the 4 roles:

Controller classes include wizards. Controllers tend to stand back and attack many opponents at a time.
Defender classes include fighters and paladins. Defenders are the party's main line defense soaking and giving out lots of damage.
Leader classes include cleric and warlords. Leaders aid and encourage the rest of their party providing healing and helpful bonuses at just the right time.
Striker classes include rangers and rogues. Strikers move nimbly around the battlefield dealing lots of damage to key targets.

The Adventures

Part 8: Dorn