Na'tan - Jen Hayward

Na'tan (rhymes with 'baton') has always been taught to think for herself, not relying on the external, either people or gods, to help her survive. She comes from a very independent, almost rebellious family. Unfortunately this got them into a bit of trouble under the strict rule of Emperor J'tal. Her father was a very learned merchant who did what he pleased regardless of J'tal's prohibitions, and though he gave much to the church in the way of tithes, he was eventually executed for his wayward behavior. Na'tan's mother, wracked with grief at the loss of her husband, acted out by disobeying the customs of female fashion. She was warned many times, and often Na'tan had to plead for forgiveness on her behalf. This culminated in a market square incident, where her mother ran half-clothed among the shocked and distressed people in the market. She screamed her husband's name and shouted that she would have vengeance. She was promptly put to death by the authorities.

Na'tan was an only child. After the loss of her parents (she was 16 when they were executed), she had no one but a strange and mysterious uncle, who very generously took her in. He was a scholar of sorts, and though Na'tan had learned much from her parents, her uncle was able to teach her even more. Even with so much learning to occupy her mind, Na'tan still grieved the loss of her parents, and grew to hate the Emperor for his stringent rules and lack of mercy. One night she told her uncle she was going to assassinate the emperor. Fearing his niece's safety and her soul, her uncle decided to show her something. Late at night he took her to a house which hid a secret room. In that room was a makeshift temple, a shrine to Savankala. He revealed himself as a priest of this goddess, and introduced Na'tan to other members of his order. They then prayed to the goddess, and the uncle explained to Na'tan that assassinating J'tal would be wrong, that she would only be stooping to his level. She needed to forgive him and show mercy in return. Na'tan felt a kind of spiritual awakening, and a reprieve from her loss. in that room, and decided to follow Savankala from that day forward.

It has been two years since she joined the order, and she has been working for her uncle as a scholar since then. She has finished her "apprenticing"; as a cleric and being a full-fledged priestess now (4th level cleric), she has decided that she still despises J'tal, despite her faith. She figures instead of killing him, she can show him the error of his ways by assisting his enemy. That is where she is at when she comes upon the party.