Teve - Greg Hunt

Teve always liked to dress up and perform. He could have been a great actor but Teve tired of the same lines night after night. Teve liked to ad lib and become the character.

When Teve was 14, he dressed up like a noble and bluffed his way into the embassy ball. At the party, Teve met a young lady that he had a nice conversation with. Unknown to Teve, the young lady was Belissa Aker, a young Counter Espionage Forces (CEF) recruit that had been sent to the ball to keep an eye on the guests in case any were spies. Teve arranged to meet Belissa later that week for dinner and they dated several times.

Only when they had decided that they were just good friends did Teve tell Belissa that he was not who she thought. He told her that it has been an act but the we wanted to be her friend if she still cared to. Belissa was shocked and then began to laugh. She confided in him that she was not who he thought. She then invited Teve to visit her office about a job. He was out of work at the time so he decided to do it.

Was Teve ever shocked to learn that Belissa was a counter spy and he was being asked to join their forces. Teve would get to use the acting and disguising skill he had to attend parties, pretend to be waiters and maids, and help the country find foreign spies. Teve jumped at the chance.