Alanna - Kimber Brumbaugh

Alanna was always sneaking around. From an early age, Alanna would climb out of her second story bedroom window, across the roof, down the tree, and off to visit her friends. She seemed to get a rush from the chance that she might get caught or fall. As she grew up and thrills were harder to find, she took to mountain climbing, repelling, rock climbing, tight rope walking, . . . You name it, she has tried it.

She also loved to sneak up on her friends without them seeing her. She learned what colors acted as camouflage, how to move quietly, and to avoid being seen till she would just join in the conversations scaring her friends.

Alanna loved thrills and when she learned that the military had special operations group that did all the sneaky and dangerous missions, she stepped right up and volunteered. Unfortunately that group was over filled but they did have an opening in intelligence that would fit her skills. Alanna had always thought that being a spy would be the ultimate in thrills because getting caught would mean death. That was for keeps. What a rush. Where do I sign.

It turned out that in classic military way, she was assigned to a desk job to examine copies of letters that had been intercepted. Alanna was livid but still had hopes that her next assignment would be more exciting. It was during the desk job time that she had met Belissa Aker at some official function. Belissa had come from the same town and so the two ladies begin to talk about home.

After a time conversation turned to work and Alanna admitted that she was less than happy about the assignment she had received. Belissa had just been promoted to her own command of a Counter Espionage Force (CEF) group. Belissa was looking for a few good people to work with her and she remembered Alanna's reputation back home of being a daredevil and quite a sneak. She asked if Alanna would like to do CEF work. Alanna stated that anything would be better than a desk job.

The job that Belissa had was for someone that could check out the rooms of suspected spies. Much of that work would involve second story work and the ability to search rooms without any guards noticing. This sounded like fun and Alanna said so. Belissa pulled a few strings and had Alanna reassigned to the CEF.