February 16th, 2005 5:07 pm

I’m finding that my battle with email is going well. The clean desk policy is working well at work. On those rare occasions when I can’t deal with something one afternoon, it is a glaring item in my inbox the next morning so I deal with it ASAP.

At home, I moved all of the messages from my inbox to a “pending” folder. I installed Norton Internet Security with Spam filtering. I’m still training it about what is and what is not spam but I am seeing results already. It dealt with 75 spam messages for me yesterday. I’m still checking each one to make sure there are no false positives (I’ve caught a few) but will soon be able to let Norton do its job.

I’m slowly going through the pending folder filing away or deleting all the messages. Once I’m done, I should be back in control of my email. The key is to stay regular. Don’t let a day go by without dealing with that message if possible. File it, reply to it, or delete it – that is the key. Stay regular.

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